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Myau is the first party member Alis recruits in Phantasy Star I.


Myau is a feline with light brown fur, teal eyes, and a dark gradient in his ears.

Skills and Abilities

He can equip claw weaponry and can become a giant flying cat if he eats Laerma Nuts/Berries.


Original Game

Prior to the events of the game, Myau teamed up with Odin in an attempt to kill medusa and claim the Laconian Axe. Unfortunately Odin turned to stone and Myau couldn't open the bottle of Alshline which was needed to de-petrify his friend and tried to get help, only to get caught and sold to a shop on Motavia.

Later, Alis traded a Laconian Pot for Myau who told her about Odin's petrification, something she helped to do when they find him in the last place they've encountered Medusa.

Later on, they came seeking out the Laconian Pot in order to store the Laerma Nuts which can turn Myau into a flying creature. The pot was found to be in the possession of Dr. Mad who demands the party hand over Myau. They end up cutting him down and procured the pot.

At the top of the Baya Malay Tower, the heroes use the Aeroprism to make the Air Castle visible followed up by Myau eating the Laerma Nuts in order to reach the castle. Just as they reach the castle, the heroes find themselves contending with a golden dragon that impeded them. If Myau dies during the fight, his friends will die as they were riding him.

Generation 1

The events in the original play out mostly the same except for a couple differences.

When the heroes confront Doctor Mad, he uses nuts to bait Myau and the heroes must save him.

Also when the heroes face off with the golden dragon, they were on solid ground this time, thus keeping Myau alive was no longer the top priority.


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