Hero Overview

Mym (also known as Brunhilda) is one of Euden’s allies and the flame wyrm.

In the Japanese, she is voiced by Aya Endō. In the English, she is voiced by Kelly Sheridan in her normal variant and Tabitha St. Germain in her Halloween variant.


Mym has long crimson hair and yellow eyes. She wears horns with tiara and a black outfit with red and gold details and shows off her cleavage.

In her Halloween variant, her hair is tied into pigtails with a black tiara. Her horns have red details and she wears a black and red outfit with a fishnet pantyhose and black and red boots.

Powers and Abilities

Mym's first skill is dragon claw and her second is flames of passion. She doesn’t transform into any other dragon. Instead, she can only transform into Brunhilda.

Her Halloween variant using charming trick which creates a circle shaped debuffing zone and her secondary skill is tempering fancy which makes flame attuned adventurers strength and dream boost increases her critical rate.



The Flamewyrm Brunhilda, who assumed a human form to be closer to her darling, the prince. Her love knows no bounds, and burns hotter than even her own fierce blazes.


The Flamewyrm, all gussied up for Halloween! She intends to take a bolder approach to romance, but there's not much room for improvement there. Supposedly these new duds allow the wearer to live out their dreams...

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