The Mysterious Merchant is a non-playable character in the SteamWorld series.



The Mysterious Merchant was seen outside of the village that was caught on fire by the Void Army. Where she was seen ready to sell to Armilly and Copernica. She often followed Armilly, Copernica, Galleo and Orik on their missions, even finding a way to have her carriage in an underground prison and across a casseme in an alchemists college. She later brought the four heroes as well as Tarah & Thayne to the cursed city, only to stop in hopes to fix her carriage for a bit. She would later appear in the Cursed City to open shop for a while and would follow the Fellowship up until the Void's castle and would later encourage the group in their last battles. She was later seen riding off to new lands with Orik.


The Mysterious Merchant appears to have a bit of a gypsy look. She also has a bird's beak as a mouth and a pair of fox ears.


  • The Mysterious Merchant can be considered as neutral good.
  • She is one of the few characters in the SteamWorld series to not be playable and have a major role in the story, the others are: Wonky and Gilgamech.


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