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The Mystery Men are a group of wannabe superheroes and the titular main protagonists in the 1999 superhero comedy film of the same name, based on the Flaming Carrot Comics.


The Mystery Men is a team of superheroes living in Champion City initially consisting of Mr. Furious, The Shoveler and Blue Raja. They soon allow Invisible Boy, The Spleen and The Bowler into their ranks. They are mostly incompetent and clumsy as superheroes until they receive training from The Sphinx, who becomes their seventh and final member. They also receive help from eccentric inventor, Dr. Heller and begin using many of his weapons. They take their role as legitimate superheroes after saving Champion City from the villainous plot of Casanova Frankenstein.


  • Mr. Furious/Roy
  • The Shoveler
  • The Blue Raja
  • Invisible Boy
  • The Spleen
  • The Bowler/Carol
  • The Sphinx

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