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Mythra is one of the two main deuteragonists in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. She is a Blade that can support her driver Rex. She is also another form of Pyra as well as her best friend.

She was voiced by Shino Shimoji in the Japanese version and Skye Bennett in the English version.


After Malos parted ways with Amalthus, Amalthus searched Alrest for another Driver to awaken the other Aegis. Addam, the Kingdom of Torna, awakened Mythra and became her Driver at Olethro Playhouse. They then traveled through Torna and became allies with Lora, Jin, and Hugo.

Mythra battled Malos multiple times during the Aegis War and even piloted Siren against him. Eventually, Addam and Mythra emerged victoriously, but the war leads to the deaths of three Titans. Addam and Mythra then agreed to seal away her power; she created her alter-ego and sister Pyra, and Addam sealed her on board a Tornan ship, which he sunk beneath the Cloud Sea.

500 years later, the new organization of Torna brings up the Tornan ship in hopes of capturing Pyra. A salvager Rex ends up becoming the new Driver of the Aegis and promises to take Pyra to Elysium. Pyra, however, abstains from using Mythra's power out of fear of more destruction. After Vandham's death at the hands of Malos and Akhos, Mythra reawakens and uses Siren's power to quickly defeat the two. She then continues to travel with Rex, who can now switch between the two during battle.


As depicted in Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna - The Golden Country, Mythra was one of two Blades that served Addam. The other would later be known as Cole, but currently was named Minoth. Mythra was awakened by Addam shortly after Amalthus had climbed the World Tree and taken the Aegis Core Crystals Logos and Pneuma, with Logos awakened as Malos and becoming corrupted by Amalthus' hatred of humanity and desire to commit genocide against them, while Amalthus searched for someone to awaken Pneuma to try and stop him, leading to Addam awakening Pneuma as Mythra. They have an unlucky encounter with Jin and his Driver, Lora, alongside Lora's other Blade, Haze, but after some fighting, Addam calls off further conflict as he's impressed by Jin and Lora's fighting prowess, and joins them on their journey. However, as time goes on, they are attacked by Malos several times, culminating in where he manages to awaken the Tornan Titan from its dormant state and then threatens to destroy the Titan's Core Crystal, which would doom everyone on the Titan alongside the Titan itself.

Although Mythra tries to fight him, she seems to be holding back. Noticing this, Malos decides to provoke her and attacks Auresco, the capital city, with Mikhail and Milton caught in the bombardment. Horrified, fearing Milton was killed by Malos, Mythra loses all control, summons Pneuma's sword, which Addam finds himself unable to handle due to the power, and soon Mythra, something inside her having snapped, summons her Siren to face Malos in his Siren. Soon, she prepares a shot with her full power that could destroy all of Alrest in her current state, but at the last moment, visions of her future with Rex, along with her "sister" Pyra, cause Mythra to regain control just in time, but with her attack already past the point of no return on charging, she's forced to unleash it, resulting in crippling Malos' Siren beyond repair and sending him plummeting into the Cloud Sea, with his Core Crystal damaged as well, but not enough to kill him.

However, the excess energy taxes the Tornan Titan's Core Crystal, already badly damaged from Malos' earlier strikes, to the breaking point, causing it to shatter, costing Emperor Hugo his life protecting Addam from the blast, reverting Brighid and Aegaeon back into their Core Crystal states, and killing just about everyone on the Titan along with the Titan. Those that survive are evacuated by Hugo's Mor Ardian warships, though Brighid and Aegaeon are given to the Special Inquisitor to be returned to Mor Ardain personally, but as Mythra watches horrified at what she had caused with her attack to take down Malos in a moment of blind rage and anger, she then is drawn by Lora's shout to where Mikhail is on the ship with the lifeless body of Milton.

As Mythra goes over to check on Milton, just as she caresses his cheek with her hand, Mikhail shoves her away and hugs Milton tightly, as if to indicate he blames her for Milton's death and wants her to stay away from him, thinking her a monster. This is the breaking point for Mythra. Devastated and guilt-ridden, even as she collapses to her knees and Addam tries to comfort her, Mythra screams to the heavens in anguish as she radiates power from herself, sealing herself away and creating Pyra in her stead. Shortly after meeting with Lora, Haze, Jin, and Mikhail one last time, Addam departs with Pyra for the Spirit Crucible to lock Pneuma's Aegis Sword away in Fonsett Village in Leftheria, while sealing her in the ancient Tornan warship and sinking it to the bottom of the Cloud Sea until Alrest needs her again, and Mythra prays she never is awoken again since her powers could repeat the events with the Tornan Titan all over again.

Mythra remains asleep in her self-induced eternal slumber for 500 years until the events of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 when Malos brings the ancient Tornan warship to the surface as part of a salvage operation to capture her with support from the Torna organization he had joined alongside Jin and their newest member Nia. When Rex makes contact with the Core Crystal on Pyra's sword embedded below her coffin, Jin murders him in cold blood to prevent him from becoming Pyra's Driver due to resonating with her Core Crystal a split-second earlier. However, Rex is asked by Pyra to aid her in reaching Elysium, and shares part of her Core Crystal with Rex to resuscitate him, resulting in Pyra awakening from her slumber, much to Malos' shock and surprise, and Rex soon emerging alive and well, with Pyra's sword, which Jin had also shattered, restored and ready for battle. Though Malos and his Blade Sever put up a fierce resistance, Rex and Pyra buy enough time for the Maelstrom and its salvage crew to escape, especially when Nia decides to defect and aid Rex with her Blade Dromarch after seeing how heartless Malos was when he intended to have the salvage crew executed now that they served their purpose. However, it is only by the aid of Azurda that Rex, Pyra, Nia, and Dromarch escape from Malos and Jin, but not without Azurda being gravely wounded by the Monoceros in the process, forcing him to revert to his larval state to recuperate and survive.

Mythra remains dormant due to her self-imposed seal on herself until Rex and the gang face Malos, Sever, Ahkos, and his Blade Obrona in battle, with Ahkos having the advantage due to Obrona being able to alter the Ether in the area to weaken the Blades on Rex's team. Vandham attempts to loophole this by stabbing himself with his own blades to channel the Ether through himself, and pleads with Rex to escape while he still has the chance. Unfortunately, Rex refuses to do as Vandham ordered and keeps fighting, and when he's overpowered and about to be killed by Malos shortly after Vandham is cut down himself, Pyra has no choice but to break Mythra's seal and awaken her from her dormancy, resulting in Mythra easily defeating Malos and Ahkos, reducing Sever and Obrona to their Core Crystal states and crippling the Core Crystals beyond repair, essentially killing Sever and Obrona, forcing the two Torna members to retreat now that they were Blade-less. However, Mythra is furious with Rex afterwards for forcing Pyra to awaken her to save his life as she still fears the damage she could cause to Alrest like she did 500 years ago after killing the Tornan Titan and Milton.

Nevertheless, Mythra and Pyra agree to switch back and forth between each other so Rex can get a better handle on their powers and abilities that each of them pack and better understand their situation as, due to sharing the same body, Mythra and Pyra treat each other like sisters. One example of this is when the gang stop for rest at a hot spring. When Nia and Poppi are relaxing in the water, they are surprised to find Mythra joining them when they thought it was Pyra. Granting Pyra control for the moment, Mythra lets her explain that when Pyra told her about the hot spring, Mythra was dead set on trying it out, before retaking control and proving that Pyra was right. As Mythra enjoys the hot spring and relaxes, having waited 500 years for a nice bath to freshen up from her dormancy, Nia begins to get ready to head out, but Mythra notices something on Nia's chest that was hidden by her clothing earlier. It turns out, Mythra had seen Nia's Flesh Eater Core Crystal, but Nia asks that Mythra keep it a secret from Rex and the others, worried about their reaction if they found out at the wrong time. Mythra promises to do that favor for Nia before they all head back to change and rejoin the others.

As time goes on, the gang soon encounter Jin again, but after he reveals his true Flesh Eater form and overpowers even Mythra's abilities, including Foresight, Mythra lets Pyra take over again to threaten to kill herself with Siren if Jin does not spare the others in return for Pyra/Mythra surrendering to him. Jin agrees to spare the others, and Pyra goes with him to meet with Malos, who intends to restore his own Aegis Core Crystal Mythra damaged in their last battle 500 years ago with energy from Pyra, resulting in rendering her a lifeless husk. When Rex and the others arrive to save her, Pyra and Mythra spiritually plead to Rex to let them go, revealing that they wanted to go to Elysium to die out of remorse for what happened during the Aegis War, but Rex's refusal to give up on them and still help them get there results in Pyra and Mythra merging into their fused, and true, form of Pneuma, making Rex the Master Driver, where he has full control over Pneuma's power compared to the impure link Addam had with Mythra before they parted ways after he sealed her in the ancient ship and sank it into the Cloud Sea, as Rex had agreed to take all of the burdens Pyra and Mythra had weighing down on them as his own, and that's what made him worthy of wielding Pneuma's Aegis Sword, awakening Pneuma, and using her true power, which Addam could not accomplish. With Pneuma now back at his side, Rex and the gang make their way up the World Tree after Malos, with Jin sacrificing himself to take out Amalthus once and for all, and meet with Klaus, the Architect, who explains everything to them before granting Pneuma access to the various parts of Elysium that he only had the authorization to, and sends them to take down Malos, who has gained control of Aion to destroy Alrest per his original Driver Amalthus' genocidal intentions.

Though Malos puts up a fierce fight with Aion, Rex and Pneuma finally dealt a mortal blow to Malos that also cripples Aion as well. As Malos lays dying, he has one final conversation with Rex before he peacefully passes on, leaving Pneuma somewhat heartbroken by Malos' death. However, when Klaus dies shortly thereafter following the death of Zanza, his other half, at the hands of Shulk, the Conduit shuts down, and the World Tree threatens to fall on Alrest. Pneuma sends everyone to a supposed control room where they can redirect the World Tree away into space, but it turns out she lied to them, as she sent them to the escape pods instead, causing Rex to realize that Pneuma intends to sacrifice herself to save Alrest. Rex tries to go back to her to join her in her final moments, but is unable to, and Poppi refuses to help him, having made a promise earlier with Mythra to not interfere in her heroic sacrifice should Rex want to join her when he learns the truth. After transferring the rest of her Core Crystal to Rex, reverting him back to his salvager outfit, but also making it clear he no longer needed a piece of it fused to his body to survive as the Core Crystal had already healed his fatal wounds Jin dealt him before, Pneuma sends Rex and the others on their way to evacuate while she climbs into Aion and activates its self-destruct to destroy the space station and prevent the rest of the World Tree from falling on Alrest. After the self-destruct occurs, killing Pneuma, debris from the blast causes the escape pod Rex and everyone else are on to break up, sending them plummeting to the ocean below as the Cloud Sea disperses, but Azurda, as a final gift from Pneuma, is able to return to his full-grown Titan form to save everyone and fly them to the new landmass the other Titans were combining with as a final gift from the Architect to give humanity a chance to survive.

As Rex and the others head there on Azurda, it is not long before one of the green particles raining down from Pnemua's sacrifice lands on her Core Crystal in Rex's hand. As it suddenly comes to life again and shoots a green beam into the sky, when the glare subsides, to the shock of Rex and the rest of the group, Pyra and Mythra have been revived, and in separate bodies no less, allowing them the chance to be able to now live together with Rex and the others, freed of their duties as the Aegis, and get their much deserved happy ending.

Other Media

Super Smash Bros.

Mythra is a downloadable playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate alongside Pyra and was released on March 4, 2021.


Mythra is essentially the same body as Pyra, the only differences being her long-blonde hair with two outer strands on each of her sides pointing upwards, golden eyes, clothing type and color.

She wears a tiara with two wings pointing inwards on the sides with an emerald green/black gem, two tiny emerald gem earrings, and a white-green extremely short dress. Alongside underneath is a leotard.

Her core crystal, located on her chest, is an emerald green color bearing a striking resemblance to the Conduit, with a missing portion shaped like an X in the middle. The X coming from Rex and her being linked after Pyra shared her life force with Rex and they bonded. The X portion is fused to Rex's chest.

Mythra's outfit consists of the colors white, gold, emerald green and black, being primarily white. Mythra has emerald green energy lines along her body that glow in the dark, two of these lines are in the shape of two crosses, located on her chest, differing from the single X located on Pyra's chest.

Mythra also has a green emerald gem strapped to her right thigh, white fingered gloves that cover most of her arms with large emerald gems at the end, two belt-like fabrics on the sides of her hips, along a cape that resembles two scarves connected to her back. Her shoes each have two golden spikes protruding from the front to the sides of her calves.

In the Challenge DLC, Mythra gains a bikini.

In Super Smash Ultimate, she wears long black stockings and her cleavage covered up.


Mythra is a light element blade for her driver Rex. She wields the aegis blade as her weapon and control the power of light to slay her foes down. She can also transform into Pyra which is similar to how Zelda transforms into Sheik.


  • The blue-green core crystal shared by Mythra and Pyra has a similar shape to that of the Lifeholds in Xenoblade Chronicles X and the Zohar in Xenosaga. It resembles a Latin cross, but with shortened side arms.
  • The USB Deluxe Edition of the Xenoblade 2 Original Soundtrack is a gold-colored USB stick shaped like an Aegis's core crystal, inscribed with the ancient Greek word πνεῦμα (pneuma).
  • Zenobia is taller than Mythra.
  • According to her blonde hair, Vess is scarier than Mythra.



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