Nadia is Roshan's mother and Runar's wife who appears as a minor character of the 2002 Blue Sky film, Ice Age.

She doesn't speak, but she can be heard panicking, sighing, gasping and grunting and saying "no!" while being chased by Diego. Despite saying "no" and making panicking sound effects, it is unknown who her voice actor is.

Role in the film

The saber-tooth tigers wanted revenge for Runar killing other saber-tooth cats. Soto, the leader of the saber-tooth tigers, attacks the humans and attempts to kidnap Roshan. Nadia was seen when she saved Roshan from Diego as she smacked Diego on the face. She tries to escape and save her baby, but Diego corners her at the edge of a waterfall. She jumps off the edge of the waterfall as she had no other options. She swims to the river where she meets a mammoth named Manny and a sloth named Sid. With her last remaining strength, Nadia gave her son to Manny and Sid and hopes that her son is safe with them. It is unknown what happened to Nadia after that, yet the movie hinting that she died either from hypothermia or from drowning.


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