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Nadia La Arwall is a hero of Nadia The Secret of Blue Water.


The main protagonist of the series, Nadia is a 14-year-old girl of mysterious origins. She possesses the Blue Water. With companions Jean, Marie, and King, Nadia aims to find out both where she was born and the true nature of the Blue Water.


Nadia is a slim girl with brown skin, teal eyes, and short, blunt-cut purple hair with bangs. She is typically seen in her circus outfit: a white tube top and red vest, a red skirt with white trim and slits up the legs, a burgundy sash, and red lace-up flats. She wears a fair amount of jewelry. Aside from the Blue Water, she wears gold hoop earrings, a three-banded gold choker, gold bracelets similar to her necklace on her wrists and arm, and two white and red hairclips on both sides of her face.

When working on the Nautilus, she made several modifications to the uniform jumpsuit, as it was otherwise too big for her. The midsection of top and the sleeves are ripped off, and the pants converted into shorts with ripped edges.


Nadia is quite stubborn, easily irritable, socially inept, and has the ability to talk with animals. For example, she is able to communicate easily with her little lion, King. Nadia is also known among those who have knowledge of the blue water for being its possessor. She even happens to be a strict vegetarian and believes that there is no excuse for eating meat or killing (although her friends attempt to justify their reasons for doing so). Because of her unhappy past, Nadia is even extremely suspicious of all grown-ups—particularly Nemo. As a result of her growing love for Jean however, she comes to learn valuable lessons about friendship, respect, and trust for those around her.


Nadia is a 14 year-old Kenyan circus performer. She is stubborn, short tempered and a strict vegetarian. After Jean rescues her from the Grandis Gang, she sets out on an adventure with him to determine the origin of the "Blue Water", the jewel that beckons the criminals to her. Always accompanied by her tamed lion cub, King, she sometimes mistreats people, but as she grows closer to Jean she learns to become a much more caring and trusting person.

In the epilogue told by a grown-up Marie in the last episode, Nadia has married Jean and they have a child. While Nadia is still a dedicated vegetarian, she is not aggressively so (as evidenced from her meals of meat and fish for Jean and their son).


  • Nadia La Arwall looks Very similar to the Natalia from THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls.

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