Nae Tennouji is a recurring character in the Science Adventure visual novel series and the anime based off them, appearing as a minor character in Steins;Gate and a supporting protagonist in Robotics;Notes. Introduced as an 11-year-old girl, she is only daughter of Yuugo Tennouji, the owner of a CRT store and Rintarou Okabe's landlord. 9 years later, Nae is now 20 and an engineer at JAXA, who works with the Robot Research Club to finish the GunBuild project, due to them having mutual goals.

She is voiced by Ayano Yamamoto in the Japanese version and Brina Palencia in the English version.


As a child, Nae is of average height for a girl her age, standing at 137 cm. She has big turqoise eyes and short brown hair that she keep in miniature twin tails. She wears a purple dress with a pink apron over it.

As an adult, Nae has grown into a somewhat tall young woman with long brown hair, which she keeps in two ponytails. She is almost always seen smiling. She is typically seen in her JAXA uniform, though she also wore a black dress and sunglasses when she first appeared to the Robot Research Club.


As a child, Nae is a very timid and reserved girl. She  prefers to keep out of Okabe's way, as his Hououin Kyouma persona frightens her. She is shown to not like him very much, calling him a weirdo due to his tendency to give people nicknames, and especially dislikes him calling her father "Mister Braun", She is good friends with Mayuri and Suzuha though and thinks of them as her older sisters, often exchanging a friendly "Tuturu" with Mayuri, and hanging around with Suzuha when she is working in the CRT TV store.

She loves her father very much and often feels like she's imposing on him, even going so far as to learn cookery from Mayuri and Kurisu for his sake. She is deeply depressed following his suicide, though she blames Okabe and Moeka for his death and kills the latter before wounding the former, showing a disturbingly vengeful side to her personality.

As an adult, Nae has grown into a very friendly and open person who is almost always in a good mood, showing no signs of the shyness she had as a child. She quickly befriends the Robotics Club and behaves in a very pleasant, polite manner. Despite her professional appearance, Nae has also displayed a peppy, playful side as well, often striking flamboyant poses and goofing around with the club members. Her personality overall is nearly identical to Akiho's, and the two get along really well as a result of this.

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