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My best friend. And a great tracker.
~ Korra to Mako about Naga.

Naga is the major supporting character of the television series, Avatar: The Legend of Korra. Nagga is a female polar bear dog that belongs to Avatar Korra as her animal companion and main form of transportation. Despite her intimidating appearance, Korra describes Naga as a "sweetheart" and regards her as her best friend. Undyingly loyal, she is protective of Korra and her friends and has learned how to use her strength to help them out of perilous situations.

She is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


Naga showed herself to be loyal, especially to Korra and by proxy to everyone her master trusted. She was also protective over those she cared for, as demonstrated when she worried about Korra when the Avatar went to City Hall to confront Tarrlok by herself and later tracked her down when she was kidnapped. This behavior translated in a near unconditional trust in Korra, as Naga readily obeyed Korra's orders without protest.

Naga generally showed her affection by licking people and begging them to play with her. She readily allowed people to pet her and was gentle around children. However, when she carried people around and they forgot to bring a treat, Naga could admonish them in a friendly manner by slapping them in the face with her tail, though she does not hold a grudge.

Despite her gentle nature to those she cared about, Naga could come across as menacing toward others, especially when she desired to protect her friends, such as when the Equalists tried to capture Korra and Mako, or when ordered to by Korra, such as when she roared at Tahno and threatened Judge Hotah.


  • Korra and Naga greatly resemble San from Princess Mononoke and her wolf foster-brothers and foster-mother, the wolf goddess Moro, in both posture and physical traits, especially when the human character rides the mythical creature. Both human characters possess powers beyond ordinary humans. The creators admitted to having been inspired by Hayao Miyazaki's movies when creating Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • Naga was based off the original early concepts of an anthropomorphic polar bear dog traveling with Aang that eventually evolved into Appa.
    • Naga seems to serve a similar role in the Legend of Korra that Appa did in The Last Airbender as Korra's animal guide.
  • The kangal, which is a breed of dog in the real-world, served as a partial basis for Naga.
    • Naga also somewhat resembles the Great Pyrenees, a large dog which usually has pure white fur, as well as the Akbash dog.
  • Naga is modeled after the creators' dogs, Truman and Gunther, who are brothers.
  • Naga is the first polar bear dog to ever be tamed.
  • The symbol on Naga's chest is the same symbol that Tonraq wears on his chest.
  • A chibi version of Naga can be seen in Republic City Run and in Super Mini Puzzle Heroes Multiplayer.



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