Nagase is a video game character who was introduced in SNK Playmore's fighting game The King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2, part of The King of Fighters series.

Her normal model is based upon the design found on a honey bee while her Another outfit's motif of frogs is another instance of ninja being associated with these animals in fiction. Nagase was created to "fit the times" and adjust to the newer tone of the sequel's approach for story telling. She was taken from one of Falcoon's old sketches and is in Ureshino's words, "a very Falcoon design". Her namesake is another way of writing an item found in the Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos anime. Compared to other characters in the series, Nagase is referred to as the "new modern" female character, due to her expertise with computers and her overall aloofness to her benefactors.


Nagase is an N-Type Enforced Human transformed by one of Addes's sub-syndicates, Belphegor. Her battle abilities are thanks to a Battle Disc System (where she saves and collects data about fighters) and her genetically enhanced strength. Nagase is an arrogant and insolent young girl who doesn't care to be loyal to Jivatma or any of Addes. The only reason Nagase fights under Jivatma's orders is to test the limits of her own power.


Brash little kid, Nagase thinks high of herself because of her abilities. She despises "pretty boys" like Kyo Kusanagi and Rock Howard and likes older men like Duke and Geese Howard. She also despises Mai Shiranui who Nagase doesn`t consider as a true ninja female and officially Nagase defeats Mai, she also becomes Kula Diamond`s rival, due to the fact they have opposing powers (Kula uses ice-based attacks, and Nagase wields fire) and both are engineered as human weapons.


  • The code names to her shuriken throwing move, Shooting Star, are tongue-in-cheek references to Twinkle Star Sprites.


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