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Nagisa Okazaki (née Furukawa) is the female main protagonist and deuteragonist of the visual novel and anime series Clannad. She is a third year student at Hikarizaka Private High School who was graduation in High School. She is the daughter of Akio Furukawa and Sanae Furukawa, the love interest of Tomoya Okazaki, later husband, the daughter-in-law of Naoyuki Okazaki and Atsuko Okazaki and the late mother of Ushio Okazaki.

Her theme song is Nagisa.

She is voiced by Mai Nakahara in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Luci Christian in the English version, who also voiced Ushio Okazaki in the same series.


Nagisa is very cute girl who has short red hair that reaches a little below her shoulders. She also has a frail physique, due to being petite for her age, her poor health and weak immune system. She has a prominent ahoge sticking out top of her head. Her hair ahoges resemble the letter 'M', which she has due to inheriting physical traits from both of her parents. She has olive skin, big, downward-slanting and amber eyes. Clothing-wise, she usually wears the Hikarizaka Private High School uniform, while her casual attire is light and girly. She also wears a two red clips at both sides. She usually leaves her hair down, but she ties it more frequently into a ponytail during the After Story arc.


Nagisa is a very shy, kind and sweet girl who will go out of her way to assist even strangers to a fault. She's very selfless, to the point of being self-deprecating and suffering from low self-esteem. However, contrary to what she thinks of herself, she highly values other people’s happiness more than her own. She is also optimistic and naïve. Later, she manages to get a job at a restaurant, with her boss noting that she's actually pretty good at handling difficult situations, which demonstrates just how much confidence and assertiveness she developed by then. Nagisa is also notable for being very sensitive and crying easily, to the point she'll do so for other people just from hearing a sad story that they shared with her. Naturally, she also dislikes jokes and pranks that are at the expense of other people, which is something she tries to discourage Tomoya from doing during their days in high school together. Coinciding with her personality, she speaks very politely, almost always addressing others with honorifics.


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