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Nail Namek

Nail is a Namekian from Planet Namek. He is responsible for taking care and protecting Guru. He helps the Z Warriors get the dragonballs, and distracts Frieza long enough for them to use the dragonballs by being defeated. Then Piccolo finds him, and he offers to fuse with him. Since then the two have been one.


Even besides generic characteristics of their race, Nail looks virtually identical to Piccolo (i.e. face, height and built). He dons a blue vest and a white scarf around his neck. His chest and stomach are mostly exposed apart from a long flowing brown vest. He also wears baggy white pants with a blue sash and the brown pointed boots common amongst his race.


Nail is a very heroic, and honorable Namekian. He dedicates his life to the protection of Grand Elder Guru, the Grand Elder of Namek. He cares deeply about his Namekian brothers, something he shows greatly during his battle with Frieza as he jumps into the battle with little concern for his own well-being.


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