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"I decide what the tide will bring." - Nami

Nami, also known as the Tidecaller, is a heroic playable champion in the MOBA game League of Legends.


Nami is one of the Marai, a race of fish-like vastaya that lives in the oceans of Runeterra. Long ago, they discovered a rift to the Void beneath their territory that would put the Marai in danger should the monsters within escape. They used a moonstone to repel the Void away, yet they eventually lost their power. They conducted a ritual every hundred years where a Marai would be assigned the role of Tidecaller, where they would get a pearl from the depths of the sea to trade with the Aspect of the Moon to get a fresh moonstone, and continued this ritual for years. But over time, the Void grew stronger as it fed on their energy, and the Marai became more vulnerable.

Nami wanted to be the Tidecaller, but she was too impulsive and determined, which often got her into trouble. At adolescence she attempted to conduct the trial to become Tidecaller, but the elders chose Rasho to be the Tidecaller instead. When he was sent to retrieve the pearl, he was swallowed by the Void and never returned. The elders waited for his return for a month, but Nami knew that without a Tidecaller, her people would be in danger, so she took on the mantle herself.

Nami took her mother's staff and swam into the abyss, where she recovered a pearl and the Tidecaller's staff. Her people were initially furious, but admired her bravery and officially made her the Tidecaller. Nami swam up to Mount Targon's shore where she found an elderly lady, who said that the current Aspect of the Moon, Diana, had fled Targon and she was the only one who could conjure a Moonstone. Nami used the Tidecaller staff to allow her to swim on land, making it her mission to travel across Runeterra to find Diana, knowing that her people are depending on her and she only has so much time.


Nami is a headstrong young vastaya of the seas, To the point where she became the first of the Marai tribe to leave the waves and venture onto dry land, when their ancient accord with the Targonians was broken. She is also extremely courageous, as shown when she took it upon herself to complete the sacred ritual that would ensure the safety of her people when the current tidecaller failed to do so.


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