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If you have to save someone that means they've probably gone through something terrifying, they'll be frightened. Remember that real heroes don't just save lives, they save a person's heart too. You know what I think? No matter how scared you are, you should smile to show that things will be okay. In this world, the ones always smiling are the ones who are the strongest.
~ Nana telling her pupil about her heroic beliefs.

Nana Shimura is a major posthumous character in the 2014 Japanese superhero manga series My Hero Academia and its 2016 anime television series adaptation of the same name. She was also a minor posthumous character in the 2019 anime film My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising.

Shimura was the seventh person to inherit the One For All quirk, a stockpiling ability passed on from user to user that increased in power with each new person. The reason for the quirk's existence was to defeat All For One, the dark emperor of the Japanese underworld whose combat might was unparalleled. The hope of the power was that one day One For All would grow strong enough that a user of the power could defeat All For One and free Japan from his influence.

Nana eventually took on a disciple named Toshinori Yagi, who she intended to be the inheritor of One For All. After passing on the power to her student, Shimura sacrificed her life so that Yagi could escape the vile clutches of All For One. Toshinori Yagi, known as the world's greatest hero All Might years later, was able to use the sacrifices provided by his master and the other previous users of One For All to finally defeat All For One.

However, in an ironic twist of fate, Shimura's estranged son Kotaro Shimura had a child named Tenko who would go on to become the successor of All For One. Tenko, known as Tomura Shigaraki, eventually inherited the power of the dark emperor and built himself a criminal empire to rival his predecessor's. Nana Shimura's legacy was not one of complete failure however, as All Might's successor Izuku Midoriya carried on the mantle and opposed Shigaraki.

Shimura is voiced by Mie Sonozaki in the Japanese version of the anime and by Stephanie Young in the English version. Young has also voiced Nico Robin in One Piece, Clare in Claymore, Olivier Mira Armstrong in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Arachne Gorgon in Soul Eater, Towa in the Dragon Ball franchise, Sibyl System in Pyscho-Pass, Sherry Cromwell in A Certain Magical Index, Kazehana in Sekirei, and Cordyline in Tenchi Muyo!.

Powers & Abilities


  • Generational Empowerment: The "One For All" quirk was a unique and exceedingly powerful transferable quirk that could be passed on from one user to the next. In order to pass on the quirk, the current wielder of the power would have to willingly consent to the transferal and then have their chosen successor ingest a part of their DNA (blood, hair, saliva etc.). After handing the quirk over to a person, the previous user could still utilize the power of One For All, albeit they would be running on fumes and could only use the power for so long before permanently losing it. The quirk grew stronger with every person that inherited the power, stockpiling its previous wielder's personal quirks and their overall strength. Additionally, each possessor had a copy of their consciousness embedded into the quirk, allowing them to potentially commune with and influence the future wielders. Nana Shimura was the seventh wielder of the One For All quirk, having received it from her predecessor after consuming some of his hair. She would eventually pass on the power to her disciple Toshinori Yagi before her final battle against All For One. After her death, Nana would occasionally assist Toshinori's successor Izuku as a result of her lingering conscious contained within the quirk.
    • Superhuman Physical Attributes: Due to the power of One For All, Nana undoubtedly possessed immense physical ability that was presumably almost unrivalled in her time. The quirk allowed Nana to stockpile raw energy within her body and use it to drastically increase her strength, durability, speed, and agility to name a few. She could focus the raw power into a single body part and could manipulate how much of her maximum energy capacity she utilized. She could also spread the energy across her entire body, allowing for an even increase in capability upon her entire physique. Due to the nature of the quirk, Nana was naturally less powerful than her pupil Toshinori. Additionally, she was unable to defeat her arch-nemesis All For One despite her tremendous strength.
  • Levitation: The quirk that Nana Shimura was born with was called "Float." As the name implied, it allowed Nana to defy the pull of gravity and seamlessly float herself in mid air unaided. It should be noted that the power did not allow her to fly, instead only providing her with the power to suspend herself within the air. After gaining One For All, a copy of her quirk was encoded into the power, allowing future generations to access the quirk Nana Shimura was born with. Izuku Midoriya was able to unlock the Float quirk and use it himself decades after her demise.


  • Peak Human Condition: A prerequisite for the One For All power was to have an exceptionally sturdy body, as the raw power of the quirk would be too much for an untrained body to contain, resulting in the implosion of the person who tried to absorb it. Whether Nana trained to receive the power or was already in perfect shape is unknown. Regardless, her body was visibly well-built with an impressive musculature that allowed her to correctly house the immense energy of the quirk.


Toshinori: I wanna make a world where everyone smiles and lives together happily. For that to happen, people need a symbol.
Nana: A symbol?
Toshinori: A Symbol of Peace. The reason crime is on the rise everywhere is because citizens have no one to believe in. They need to rely on someone. That's why... I wanna be the pillar that gives people hope.
Huh So that's what drives you to become a hero, even though you're quirkless?
Toshinori: Yes!
Ha Toshinori Yagi, is that right? Those are some pretty funny ideas you got, you're kind of crazy.
~ Nana meeting Toshinori Yagi.
Torino: Toshinori Yagi?
Nana: He's an interesting guy, a little crazy. For instance, he thinks that crime hasn't gone down because the citizens don't have anyone to rely on. That the world needs some kind of pillar of support, and he says that's what he's going to become one day.
~ Shimura talking about Yagi with Gran Torino.
If you have to save someone that means they've probably gone through something terrifying, they'll be frightened. Remember that real heroes don't just save lives, they save a person's heart too. You know what I think? No matter how scared you are, you should smile to show that things will be okay. In this world, the ones always smiling are the ones who are the strongest.
~ Nana telling her pupil about her heroic beliefs.
This power has been passed on from hero to hero, each praying that it will bring joy and peace to humanity. That One For All will give the world hope. And now it is your turn. Do your best, Toshinori.
~ Nana bestowing her quirk upon her disciple.
Be proud, Toshinori. You went down a long hard road to obtain this power, of course its gonna take a lot of work to master it.
~ Nana reassuring her struggling apprentice.
Toshinori, when you think you can't go on anymore, look inside. Remember why it is you clench your fist. Your past, remember where you came from. Keeping your origin in mind will help push you past your limit.
~ Shimura giving advice to Yagi.



  • Her given name Nana contained the kanji for "vegetable" ("na") and "what" ("na"). Her surname Shimura contained the kanji for "purpose, will, determination, aspiration, ambition" ("shi") and "village" ("mura"). Furthermore, the word "nana" is the Japanese word for the number seven, a clear reference to Shimura's identity as the seventh holder of the One For All quirk. Additionally, "nana" is also a term of endearment for grandmother in multiple languages, an implication towards Shimura being the grandmother of Tomura Shigaraki.

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