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Nanami is a supporting character in Suikoden series.


Nanami is a young girl with short brown hair and wears a pink headband. She has wears a pink and white Chinese qipao with yellow short sleeves with pink and white folded sleeves, green baggy pants, and Chinese toe shoes. She is also wears a pale green scarf with green lines that is tied on her waist.


Nanami is a nice, kind-hearted and happy person and sometimes being tomboyish, as well as mentioned by one of the guards in Muse City, calling her a "frog faced tomboy" prior in going to the Sindar Ruins with Alex. She is also a person that always thought herself is a person that is very attractive. Through she was very caring and straightfoward to her brother, Riou, as well as their childhood friend Jowy. However, as well as game moves along, she is often shown to be a person that is quite naïve, where during the conflicts of the war, that she wants the two to stop fighting but both continues to fight each other due to their destiny with their true runes attached on their right hands. She has shown keep asking Riou to abandon his destiny of leading the Dunan Liberation Army to achieve peace in Dunan by telling him to run away from his fight. During the events in Tinto, if the player listens to Nanami's advice of running away from Riou's fight, Riou and Nanami will run away, and when they arrive at Crom Village, Shu and some members will come to search for Riou. Shu will then tell Riou and Nanami that because Riou ran away, Ridley was ended up being killed by Neclord's army because Ridley wanted to search for Riou.

Nanami will keep telling Riou that she promised Genkaku that she will take care of him, and she does not want could to see Riou and Jowy fighting together, but her naiveness has hurt Riou more. She kept saying sorry and telling Riou that he can make his own decision. The player can choose either to keep fighting or leave with Nanami to abandon Riou's fight. If the player chose to fight, Ridley will be replaced by his son Boris.

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