Nancy is a minor character of Illumination's seventh Sing. She is Mike's girlfriend.

She is voiced by Tara Strong, who also voices Sweet Pea in Illumination's Secret Life of Pets franchise.


Nancy is a white mouse with a purple eye shadow, a blueish-purple dress covered by a light-blue jacket.

She also has black whiskers, a black nose, big white ears that has pink inside of them, a long pink tail and purple shoes.

Role in the film

She was first seen when she was about to walk inside of the Night Club and then she saw Mike driving his car and then she looks at him and walked past him and then Mike walks near her.

Mike holds Nancy's hand and then she holds his wrist as they walk together and then they went inside of the Night Club.

When Nancy tried to get inside of The Night Club, Mike tries to walk past in The Night Club and Nancy smiled at him.

After that, Nancy was drinking an orange juice and then watches Mike put cards down and cheat and she giggled.

Nancy and Mike were holding each other and then they walked away but then The Bear Leader grabbed Mike as Nancy watched him get grabbed by The Bear Leader. Mike kicked The Bear Leader, told Nancy to run for it and then escaped. Nancy is implied to have escaped offscreen.

She ringed Mike on the phone when he was busy and then Mike said of course that he loves her and asks her if he thinks he would give her diamond earrings but then The Bear Leader interrupts Mike's phone call.

She later appears again when she saw Mike singing My Way.

After that, Nancy was driving to The Moon Theater when she realized that Mike was in danger.

Nancy was last seen when she saves her boyfriend, Mike from The Bears and tells him to get in the car quickly and then Mike thanks her and then they both drive away not knowing that The Bear Leader is behind the car.




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