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Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew is a heroine and the main protagonist of the Nancy Drew book series and the 2007 film. She has become a popular character since the 1930s. She is portrayed by Emma Roberts in the 2007 film and voiced by veteran voice actress lani minella in the pc adventure games.


Nancy Drew is a courageous young girl who spends her days solving mysteries and standing up against crime. Her father is Carson Drew and her best friend is Bess Marvin. Nancy won't let any thug, criminal, or other obstacle stand in her way as she goes through many lengths to solve any case. Ned Nickerson is her boyfriend. Her first is The Secret of the Old Clock. In the 2007 film, Nancy must solve the mystery of a missing film celebrity.


  • Nancy Drew is played by Emma Roberts in the 2007 movie.
  • The books have sold millions of copies around the world.
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