Nancy Green is a supporting character in the Disney television series Big City Greens. She is Bill's ex-wife, Alice's daughter-in law and Cricket and Tilly's mother, who returned to her family following her release from jail.

She is voiced by Wendy McIendon-Covey, who also played Beverly Goldberg in The Goldbergs.


Nancy has yellow skin, and has a slender build. She has long, red hair, freckles like her daughter, and waers pink lipstick and a silver earrings. She has a tattoo on her left arm.

Nancy wears a lavender tank top, blue jeans, and cowboy boots.

As a Biker, she wears a black, leather jacket and a red helmet that covers her face.


Nancy is considerably tough and rebellious, given her biker persona. Alice mentions that sometime "between her wedding and honeymoon" she wrestled a wolverine and won.

Following her release from prison, Nancy's tough side softened into more caring mother, although not to the extant of being as protective as her ex-husband Bill. She now wishies to forget about her incarceration and just return to a normal life.


Prior to the series, Nancy had divorced with Bill and was arrested under after trying to liberate several dairy cows from a dairy factory, as evidenced in "Uncaged"

Thoughout the series, she is mentioned several times by the Green Family, giving hints as to what kind of person she was.

Her first on-screen appearance was in "Phoenix Rises" when the family dog Phoenix catches her scent and goes on a wild goose chase to find her. Cricket also mentions during this time that the two share a special bond after Nancy saved Phoenix from a fire on the old family farm. Eventually, Nancy returns Phoenix back home and reunites to her family, who is happy she has finally been released from jail (except for her mother-in-law Alice).


  • She's the only nuclear Green relative who has not yet encountered Chip Whistler or met Gloria. However, Chip somehow knows of her existence.




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