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I wanna finish what we started. I want to kill it.
~ Nancy Wheeler.
My mom was young. My dad was older, but he had a cushy job, money, came from a good family. So they bought a nice house at the end of the cul-de-sac and started their nuclear family.
~ Nancy on her parents' marriage.

Nancy Wheeler, is a supporting protagonist in Stranger Things.

Initially concerned with simple teenage high school issues, her world is almost literally turned upside down when her best friend Barbara Holland vanishes, encouraging her to seek out the truth. Nancy learns of there being a different dimension called the Upside Down, but tragically discovers that Barb was killed by the Demogorgon. Still grieving for the death of her best friend, she and Jonathan Byers took on a journey on themselves to expose Hawkins National Laboratory as a threat. Eventually, she helps Jonathan and his mother Joyce Byers in removing Will Byers from the Mind Flayer's hive mind. The following year, Nancy gets an intern job at the Hawkins Post, but returns to help the Party in stopping the Mind Flayer and its Flayed. She initially comes off as an obnoxious comic relief, but soon proves herself a strong ally against the horrors of the Upside Down.

She is portrayed by Natalia Dyer.



Nancy Wheeler was born in November of 1967 to Ted and Karen Wheeler, and became the older sister to her parents' two children Mike and Holly Wheeler. When she was younger, she had a close friendship with Mike and his friends, Will Byers, Dustin Henderson and Lucas Sinclair when they played Dungeons & Dragons. As she got older, she stop dressing up during their "campaigns" became distant from them as she matured into high school. Nancy also started to suspect that her parents never loved each other, believing they only got together to create a "nuclear family". In high school, she became the best friend of Barbara Holland, and by the start of the first season, started dating the school's "king" Steve Harrington. Additionally, Nancy was classmates with Robin Buckley, who had helped her clear Mr. Hauser's classroom so she could get an extension on his paper.

Season One

Nancy continued her romantic relationship with Steve despite her friendship with Barb growing distant, and was forbidden to leave the house when Will mysteriously disappeared. When going to her room after Mike revealed her relationship with Steve, she was greeted by Harrington and later rejected his sexual advances. The following night, she attended Steve's pool party and dragged Barb with her, where she would lose her virginity to Steve after telling Holland to go home. Unbeknownst to her, Barb was taken by the Demogorgon to the Upside Down, where she would be killed by the creature. The next day, Nancy saw that Barb wasn't at school and her mother hadn't seen her, and decided to return to Steve's pool to locate. Despite seeing a creature in the woods, Wheeler returned to school where Steve confronted Will's brother Jonathan for taking pictures of Nancy.

Though seeing the photos of her, Nancy had no ill will towards Jonathan and helped him, but took a picture of Barb at the pool before leaving with Steve. When the police and Steve didn't believe her, Wheeler decided to investigate the situation on her own and met with Jonathan, showing him the picture of Barb he took of her at the pool where the creature could be seen in the background. Jonathan then explained that his mother gave a similar description of a creature, the two decided to work together to discover what was happening in Hawkins. While practicing shooting in the woods, the two encountered a wounded deer that was immediately grabbed by an unseen force. Nancy followed into a hole in a tree that was the dimension for the Upside Down, and Wheeler was hunted by the Demogorgon. She was able to escape by following Jonathan's voice, and decided to sleep over with him due to her recent trauma.

The following day, Nancy and Jonathan decided to buy weapons to fight the creature, but came across Steve and his friends tagging slurs about her. Confronting him, Steve accused Nancy of sleeping with Jonathan since he saw her at his home, but she attempted to explain before Byers and Harrington fought each other. At the police station where Jonathan was placed, Nancy met with Joyce Byers and Jim Hopper and explained everything she knew about the creature. The group then decided to work with Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Eleven to locate Will, as Eleven confirmed that Barb was dead. Wanting to avenge her best friends' death, Nancy worked with Jonathan and later Steve in fighting the creature until was defeated by Eleven. Will was saved by Hopper and Joyce, and the family happily reunited as Nancy restarted her relationship with Steve.

Season Two

Despite some normalcy returning to Hawkins, Nancy still felt guilt for Barb's death since she believed their fight caused Holland to remain at the pool. Her guilt would culminate in hurting Steve while she was drunk, blaming him for Barb's death telling him she didn't have feelings for him at the Halloween party. The following day, Nancy and Steve broke up after the latter gave her the cold shoulder for the previous night. She then confided to Jonathan on the situation, but started to focus on exposing Hawkins laboratory so she could avenge Barb's death.


  • Skilled Detective: Like her namesake, Nancy is a skilled detective. Upon seeing Jonathan's photos of Barb, she quickly deduced he was the last person to see her alive and sought his help in finding her.
  • Skilled Marksman: Nancy demonstrated proficiency with firearms such as a shotgun and handgun. She landed a few good shots on the Mind Flayer with Hopper's shotgun while protecting the kids from the creature, then later shot at Billy with a stolen Russian handgun, albeit with little success.


  • She is similar to Nancy Thompson from the Nightmare of Elm Street series, as both want to kill the antagonist for killing their best friend.
  • The character's name might be inspired by "Nancy Wheeler", a character in Judy Blume's 1970 book, Are You there God? It's Me, Margaret.
  • Bruce Lowe refers to Nancy as "Nancy Drew", a fictional character from the titular books.


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