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In a world, where everyone thinks they are free, and does whatever the hell they want, am I really necessary anymore?
~ Nanno

Nanno, also known as the Girl From Nowhere, is the titular main protagonist of the Thai television anthology series Girl from Nowhere. She is portrayed by Kitty Chicha Amatayakul.


Good Morning. My name is Nanno. I'm 16 years old. Today is my first day. Please take care of me.
~ Nanno

Nanno is a young teenage girl who transfers to different schools disguised as an 11th-grade student. Likewise, she has the ability to expose everyone's different stories of hypocrisy. While it is unknown where Nanno comes from or even what she is, she is not human and uses her special abilities to expose people. She is not human, as she has shown from time to time that she has supernatural powers, that go beyond the abilities of a human. She has a rival/apprentice named Yuri, who died drowning and 'accidentally' drank/inhaled her blood. This caused Yuri to have the same immortality as Nanno and can expose victims like how Nanno can. At the same time, people usually suffer after Nanno is done dealing with them.


Nanno is a light-tanned girl of Thai descent. She has a short medium-length, bob hairstyle with bangs. Her hair is black. She always wears the school uniform of the current school she attends. In many episodes, her school uniforms will vary. Her shoe attire consists of Mary Jane shoes with buckle straps or sneakers. She usually carries a Thai school bag to school.


Nanno will twirl her hair with one finger menacingly whenever she is thinking, bored, or when she is done or satisfied with a victim or target that she exposes. When her target is exposed, vulnerable, or embarrassed she is usually amused and will laugh like a mad or a crazy person. This shows her insanity and her inability to be afraid. Nanno loves provoking her targets to make them act out on their selfish or hypocritical gains. Despite Nanno provoking her targets all the time, she does not give them punishments by herself. She always allows her target to decide whether they will continue the wrong deed or decision. The punishment is usually self-inflicted or caused by the consequences of the target's decisions. But there are times when Nanno feels sad after she leaves one of her targets or doubts her own actions towards one, showing she has a soft side to her personality. She curiously is associated with Buddhism in several episodes. She symbolically stretches drowsingly after a lesson well-learned.

Powers and Abilities

Throughout the show, Nanno was shown to possess a huge number of powers that she uses in order to complete her missions. Her origin or the origin of her powers is completely unknown, and only several theories can explain much.

  • Supernatural Physiology: It is unknown what Nanno's origin is. It is hypothesized that her physiology is demonic in nature, though her true origin stands unanswered.
    • Superhuman Strength: To be added
    • Superhuman Durability: To be added
    • Immortality: Nanno's most enduring ability is her immortality. In several episodes, Nanno manages to survive wounds that would be considered deadly, and can just open her eyes and stand up after being killed. The cause of her immortality is unknown. The way on how her immortality works is also unknown, but it seems like her immortality have limitations as seen on the episodes, JennyX and The Judgement. In JennyX, Nanno's powers that makes her immortal weakens or fades when the actions/punishments she did, made her doubt herself, which made Yuri ask if she's a mortal now. While in The Judgement, she was convincingly killed by Waan, and was bid farewell by Yuri as she said to her dead body that her plan was to abuse the powers Nanno gave her, but not long after her immortality was seemingly 'given back', when in the end of the episode, a girl with the same hairstyle as Nanno is seen watching over Yuri and the newly turned-immortal Junko (who was Waan's daughter and killer) walk in separate ways. One event that happened before Yuri telling Nanno's corpse about her plans is that Waan was killed by her daughter Junko, and it seems like Waan's death might be the cause for some unknown rules of Nanno's powers to become full circle, making Nanno immortal again. But the true state of Nanno is still unknown and is yet to be discovered in the future.
    • Medium Awareness: In the episode, BFF Part 2, Nanno made her audience aware of her impending karmic rampage against students in school, while looking directly at the camera. She is somewhat knowledgeable about her existence in a show.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Shown throughout the show, Nanno can regenerate wounds in a very fast rate. And in the start of almost every episode, she appears to be perfectly fine, as if the wounds she had prior to that episode never happened. In JennyX, this ability is also one of the powers that started to fade when she was deemed a 'mortal'. As a wound on her neck didn't healed sooner than it should've been, and is still shown on the next episode, The Judgement. She can also never get sick, however, she can still be drugged or put in a vegetative state. She can't also be rendered drunk, even when already taking numerous shots of vodka or alcoholic beverages.
    • Age Perseverance: Nanno can live for years yet her appearance and youth will never change, and she will still look like a high school student. This is evident on BFF Pt. 1 & 2 , where she's been around in a class since the '90s yet she still look the same in the present while her classmates looked older. This is technically evident on the entire series as well since Nanno spends a lot of time on different schools, from months and even years, yet she never ages.
    • Pain Immunity: She has the ability to not feel any pain at all as she can even talk, laugh or smile as the people she's punishing kills her.
  • Mental Manipulation: Nanno can influence the minds of others, which is commonly paired on how clever and manipulative she is. She can make anyone around her do their desires, and can even 'trigger' and invoke them to do actions they never meant to do. Most of the time, she does it in a way that it is not obvious she's influencing them to do what she wants them to do, which is why she's good at turning the situation on her side and why she always has the upper hand, even though they thought they outsmarted Nanno. She can also control mobs of people, that acts like someone who was brainwashed. With her skill on manipulation and deception, anyone can fall on Nanno's hands.
    • Presence Concealment: Nanno can make her actions oblivious to people around her. This is shown when she talk with the people she's punishing where she can laugh loudly all she wants or do something noticing yet people mostly never noticed it, yet when the people she's talking to do something that can be considered loud or noticing, they will be noticed by the crowds around them. There are also scenes where Nanno smiles or stares at people in a very weird and different way, yet they are oblivious to it. She can also make someone be familiar with her presence but everyone else will not notice her. She can even make herself unnoticeable and will only be noticed once she speaks.
    • Dream Manipulation: Nanno can insert herself into dreams of others and can even make new dreams where she is in control. She mostly do this to scare the people she punishes or make them remember their mistakes when they are starting to forget about it. This is noticeably seen on Wonderwall Part 1 and Minnie and the Four Bodies.
  • Teleportation: There are scenes in which Nanno can get in and out of a place that is locked or can just disappear and appear out of nowhere. Like in Liberation, where the faculty are confused on how she got out of the Repentance Room that was locked from the outside, or in Wonderwall Pt.2, where she walked past a post and was never seen again.
  • Invisibility: There are also scenes where Nanno will just pop out of nowhere or just interrupt conversations with others unexpectedly. However, it is known that she didn't just teleported at the scene since when she interrupt conversations or she suddenly appears in a room, it looks like she's aware of the topic or the event, as if she's just been there all the time, even though she can't be seen prior.
  • Precognition: In The Judgement, she dreamt of her own death.
  • Illusion Manipulation: She can cast illusions or visions to anyone, most of the time scaring them off or provoking them.
  • Clone Creation: Nanno can cast clones of herself. This is seen on Apologies and Liberation where she cast clones of herself in order to help her out on situations where she seems to be outnumbered.
  • Reality Manipulation: Also not shown explicitly but subliminally, Nanno can affect the world around her. Which is why she's aware about any event that happens while she roams the school, or why the world seems to be in her favor. She can be a bullied high school student on one school, and a rich one on another. Either way, with her actions, the world revolves sometimes around it. In the episode, Wonderwall Part 2, Nanno warped reality on such a level, that she made everyone on earth (supposedly) disappear. It's hypothesized she created a new timeline.
    • Wish Granting: In Hi-So, Nanno can grant people's wishes in exchange for money. She can grant their wishes, no matter how ambitious it is. From getting a motorcycle, getting good grades, or even a new girlfriend.
  • Power Transferal: It is shown in Yuri, that when consuming an amount of Nanno's blood, they will get almost the same powers as Nanno's.
  • Biological Manipulation: In the episode, Pregnant, she biologically altered a man to get pregnant and bear a fetus who grew into an infant.
  • Time Manipulation: Nanno can seemingly manipulate time to her will. Though It is unknown, when she traverses time, if she is changing the past, or creates an alternate timeline.
    • Time Travel: Nanno traveled back in time, in the episode, Liberation.
  • Genius-Level Intellect: To be added
  • Master Tactician: Throughout the series, Nanno has managed to pull off grand schemes that leads for the person she's interested to be punished or get what they deserve. She tends to think of a plan that takes a lot of time to perform and is self-inflicting, meaning that she can't be really at fault when the person did the bad decision. She's also good at outsmarting people that puts them in a false sense of security before revealing that they are just outsmarted by Nanno. Her intelligence is also shown on how she talks, she talks in a very direct, curious way, where she can use what you said to her in her defense instead of yours.
  • Expert Spy: Even without using her powers, she can be sneaky and get information without anyone noticing. Like in Yuri, where she sneaked in the faculty room and changed the answers of her classmate without anyone suspecting it. Or when she can escape in dire situations, oblivious to anyone.
  • Skilled Thief: In the episode, Lost and Found, Nanno demonstrated her ability to rob, or pickpocket a person of their belongings with masterful ease.
  • Bilingualism: She can speak native Thai and English without any restrain or difficulty.


  • Moral Confusion: Though she is quite resistant to many known methods of harm, Nanno does have a single confirmed method for being able to kill or permanently end her- If she regrets or questions her actions. We see this in Season 2 when Yuri begins to point out that Nanno has started to pity her kills, even regretting her decisions to involve the victim in punishment alongside their perpetrator (Such as in episode 7, "JennyX") where Yuri realizes that Nanno is becoming mortal.
  • Others like her: Though not a primary weakness, Nanno is only exposed to becoming mortal after she inoculates Yuri- who then begins to challenge Nanno and her form of justice. This isn't the first time she is called out as having a self-centered or unfair form of justice but somehow Yuri is able to manipulate each situation enough to bring the potential for lasting harm to Nanno higher and higher.