I'm Nao! The hero of the twelve worlds!
~ Nao

Nao is the Hero of the galaxy in Mugen Souls Z. She is introduced as an adventurer searching for the legendary weapon on the Virgo Constellation. Nao finds a hidden area and stumbles upon a coffin hoping to find what she was looking for. Instead she finds Syrma and they become allies in combat. The pair form a comical relationship of "the idiot and the brains" as she gets quite annoyed by her unwillingness to do work.


Her tolerance for foolishness and wasting time is very low, she is very serious towards completing objectives and focuses only on what is important. Nao often babysits Syrma and leads the party back on track whenever she begins to slack off since their priorities are opposite.

Even though she is hates it when people mess around and get side tracked, she begins acting like a child getting a new toy when the subject involves finding the legendary weapon.

She seems to have a small crush on Soul, due to his heroic characteristics and personality. However, it did not last long, as Soul revealed his swimsuit fetish to Supra (and unintentionally, most of the party members).


Like other character designs in Mugen Souls, some of the accessories look like they resemble the infinity sign or an "X" shape. The color of her outfit and design is similar to Chou-Chou Sadist. She wears a pair of black shorts with a red pirate-like cape around her waist and a tank top. Nao has a long ponytail that goes along with the large ribbon. Her height is about the size of an adult size. She has orange hair and blue eyes.


  • She is the first controllable field character in Mugen Souls Z.
  • Nao is the only other character controllable besides Syrma.
  • She is the only new hero in Mugen Souls Z.
  • The pair of scissors Nao characters around has the Cancer symbol on it.
    • This made fans mistake Nao as the Ultimate God of the world of Cancer (The crab, not the illness)

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