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Napoleon and Lafayette are secondary characters from Disney's The Aristocats.

Napoleon is a skinny Bloodhound and Lafayette is a fat Basset Hound. The two are stray dogs that live on an abandoned windmill site in the French countryside. Their one hobby is chasing any humans who come near their territory, whether or not they're in a car.

Napoleon is the oldest dog, whereas Lafayette is the youngest dog.

Napoleon is tall and very slim, while Lafayette is short and chubby. Napoleon is the leader, despite being an old hound dog. Despite being overweight, Lafayette is Napoleon's faithful sidekick and best friend.

Napoleon is very easygoing and he is the calmest and the most mature one of the duo. Lafayette can be really ditzy, excitable, and rambunctious at times.

The lanky Bloodhound and the plump Basset Hound love to goof off.

Napoleon is voiced by the late Pat Buttram, who would later go on to voice the Sheriff of Nottingham, Chief and Lafayette is voiced by the late George Lindsey, who would later go on to voice Trigger both in Robin Hood, respectively.




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