Hero Overview

Naru Osaka is Serena Tsukino's best friend from her childhood. She's just a plain normal schoolgirl who goes to Crossroads Junior High and is the same class as her best friend. She lives with her mother Susan Baker who owns a jewelry store, and has a boyfriend who always has a crush on her named Melvin. She always gets attacked by monsters but it was lucky that Sailor Moon comes to rescue her even though Molly is a Damsel in Distress.

In the first anime, Molly fell in love with Neflite at one point. When Zoycite found out, she had three monsters kidnap Molly. Neflite saved her from them, but they later killed Neflite. After Neflite's death, she becomes close to Melvin and becomes his girlfriend.

She was renamed Molly Baker in the original English dub.

Physical Appearance

Molly has wavy red hair that is slightly shorter than her shoulders and often wears a darker teal bow in her hair. She has teal eyes (unlike her blue-eyed manga counterpart). When she is not wearing her school uniform, she often wears solid-colored skirts and tops. Her school uniform usually has white socks and black Mary Jane shoes. Her normal outfit is that of an orange shirt, teal skirt, and sea green tights with black Mary Jane shoes.

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