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Oh, stop it, both of you! Stop it! You're like...boys with toys!
~ Natalya to James Bond and Dmitri Mishkin

Natalya Fyodorovna Simonova is the deuteragonist of the movie GoldenEye. She is a fictional Russian programmer who lost everything because of Janus and then met James Bond, the britannic spy how help her.

She is played by Izabella Scorupco.



Natalya is a second-tier programmer at the Severnaya facility, working on business involving missile guidance systems in Russia. She is first seen in her facility making her her computer work, when Boris Grishenko plays a joke on her and then jokes about her by telling her that her password is "boobs".

Natalya then claims that if Boris continues to try hacking into the Us Department of Defense, he'll get in trouble, but he reassures her that no one will find out since he left a virus for anyone who tries to track him, after which he leaves an insulting message for the FBI when they attempt to do so. Natalya is actually the only one who bears patience with Boris, considering him as an annoying younger brother, since the other colleagues find him intolerable because of his arrogance.

When Natalya is for a coffee, the traitor General Arkady Ouromov and Xenia Onatopp arrive at the facility with the stolen Tiger helicopter and kill everyone in the room next to the kitchen, except Boris who had just stepped out. Natalya can't help but watch as her colleagues are killed and the two steal the tool Janus needs.

Natalya is overheard by Xenia, but she manages to trick her into thinking she's escaping through the ventilation ducts while she hides in a cupboard.

Natalya remains there in the rubble looking sadly at her dead colleagues and covers the body of her best friend Anna Nishkov with a sheet, but soon the whole building begins to explode with the bombs they had placed inside her. Fortunately, she manages to save herself by climbing an antenna and then taking the train to San Pietro Burgo to find a computer to contact Boris, believing she is innocent, about the Ouromov attack. Boris writes to meet him in the city's cathedral, only to be handed over to Xenia.

After James Bond was also captured by Janus for his friend's betrayal Alec Trevelyan, he and Natalya find themselves tied up in the Tiger helicopter, where Natalya yells at Bond to do something before exploding in the airship with missiles programmed for himself.

Bond manages to rescue both himself and Natalya, but soon after they are arrested by the Russian government and taken to the Russian military archives where they are interrogated by Defense Minister Dmitri Mishkin. Bond reassures Natalya that she is innocent investigating GoldenEye and that he is an MI6 traitor.

Natalya would like to remain silent, but having no other choice she reveals to Bond about Sevenaya's destruction and Boris' betrayal before Mishkin, where Bond and Mishkin were acting really ridiculous and Natalya scolds them by telling them that they are acting like two children playing.

Mishkin then releases them, but at that moment Ouromov enters who kills Mishkin and a nearby guard with Bond's gun to lay the blame on him, but luckily he and Natalya manage to escape, but Natalya is captured by Ouromov who takes on a train with Trevelyan on board where he tells her about his past and tries to sexualize with her, to his great disgust he slaps him in the face and calls him Svinya (which means pig in Russian).

Bond, however, puts a T-55 tank on the train tracks and fires a shot at the train before it crashes into the tank and breaks. Bond enters the train and holds Trevelyan and Onatopp with a shotgun pointed at, only Trevelyan with Natalya being held by Ouromov gives Bond the choice of his or her girlfriend's mission. Bond says to kill her and that it doesn't matter to him. Trevelyan then orders Ouromov to kill her, but at that moment Bond shoots the general killing him instantly a second before he can kill Natalya.

Natalya ironically thanks Bond for the fact that he is fine, after Trevelyan and Onatopp have escaped Trevelyan reveals to Bond that he has put a self-destruct system in the train and they have six minutes to get out.

While Bond uses his watch's laser to create an exit, Natalya hacks into Boris' system to see where Trevelyan's base was. Boris notices this and tries to stop her, but she manages to discover that the base is in Cuba. Bond grabs Natalya and the two manage to get out just before the train explodes. Natalya makes a joke asking if Bond should destroy all the vehicles he uses, and he replies "Only the ones I don't need anymore", and the two start a relationship.

Natalya finds a car to go to Cuba, where they are greeted by a friend of Bond's, Jack Wade, who warns them that Trevelyan knows they are coming and a plane from them.

That night at the beach, Natalya asks how Bond could simply kill Trevelyan who had been her friend but now had become her enemy. She does not like the brutal atmosphere she had encountered around her and Bond's alleged professional callousness. Bond tells her that it was what she kept him alive, but Natalya retorts that it was what she kept him alone.

Then in the bedroom they make love for her and Natalya asks Bond if what she had said on the train, that she didn't matter to him was true, and Bond replies that I was just taking my attention away from her.

The next morning, the two with the plane rush to Janus's place, but a missile destroys a propeller of the plane and makes it crash. The two land alive but faint.

When they wake up from an overhead helicopter, Xenia descends and attacks Bond to kill him. Natalya tries to hit Xenia on the head, but she headbutts her and tells her to wait for her turn. Bond then reconnected the rope that lowered Xenia back to her safety harness and used her AK-74 rifle that hung on her back to shoot the helicopter cockpit that killed the pilot and fatally damaged the vehicle. The helicopter then began plummeting to the ground dragging the screaming Xenia with it and trapping her in a tree gallows, which ironically crushed her to death.

Bond and Simonova hide before the helicopter explodes, and then look at Xenia's corpse, with Bond observing "she always liked a good squeeze".

Meanwhile, Trevelyan and Boris had set up the antenna and planned to cancel London's currency before launching GoldenEye's other Mischa satellite to erase all traces of the theft and any other information that would destroy the economy. Bond and Natalya manage to enter the Janus base which was located under the Cuban ocean and luckily they avoid the guards.

While Bond attaches mines to some flammable tanks in the base, Natalya infiltrates the computer room and hacks Boris's system, modifying the access codes for the satellite. She finishes just in time before being captured along with Bond by Trevelyan's guards. When she sees Boris, she furiously starts beating him until she is restrained by the guards again and Boris furiously tells her never to do it again. Natalya tells Boris that she hates him for her betrayal and that thousands of people would die, Boris is about to punch her but Alec holds him back by calming him.

He tells him that Natalya has been in the mainframe, so she should have checked the computer. Boris scoffs that Natalya was just a second level programmer and that she couldn't do anything. However, he was proved wrong when the satellite was already scheduled to return and was allegedly burned somewhere on the Atlantic. Enraged, Boris told Trevelyan that Natalya had changed the access codes. Trevelyan puts Bond at gunpoint to threaten to fix him. Natalya, however, says the same answer that she had given Bond on the train; "Do it shoot him, it means nothing to me." Boris then says he can break her codes, but after a while he yells at Natalya to give him the codes while she held Bond's explosive pen which explodes and disarms with three clicks each. Bond takes the opportunity and drops the pen between the containers, which has a devastating effect on the control room. The two runs away in the elevator and Bond asks if Boris can break her codes. Natalya replies that there was a possibility, so the transmitter on the antenna must be destroyed. After taking out another guard, Bond gives Natalya her guard's gun to protect her and told her not to be seen while she destroyed the transmitter. Boris meanwhile manages to reboot the system and has proceeded to reprogram the satellite in the originally chosen location.

As Bond fights Trevelyan, Natalya finds a helicopter to help Trevelyan and enters it unnoticed and then holds the pilot at gunpoint as she watches Bond knock Trevelyan off the aerial.

Natalya forces the pilot to take Bond from the antenna before it explodes due to Bond's sabotage and crushes Trevelyan to death and the Mischa satellite has gone out of control and exploded into space to Boris' dismay, and in the meantime Boris is frozen in. death from the explosion of liquid nitrogen cylinders.

The helicopter lands in a secluded place, where Bond and Natalya have a romantic moment there, but are immediately interrupted by Wade who has come to rescue them with his men to take them to Guantanamo. Natalya initially does not want to go with Bond because on every vehicle she has been with him is destroyed, but Bond takes the girl in her arms and tells her that nothing can go wrong now, and they both fly together.

Other appearances

Simonova appears in two video games. She first appears in GoldenEye (video game), where she plays more or less the same role as in the movie. She is rescued by Bond, kidnapped by Janus and later helps Bond stop Trevelyan and the GoldenEye satellite.

She also appears in GoldenEye (2010 video game). Once again, she helps Bond in his mission to take down the Janus group and stop the GoldenEye satellite.


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