The destiny of a warrior is to keep fighting.
~ Natan

Natan is the gunslinging bodyguard of Shania in the videogame Shadow Hearts: From The New World. He duel-wields a matching set of guns and is a remarkably skilled marksmen and hunter.

Natan is one of the last two members of the Native American tribe of Garvoy along with his charge Shania. Natan was assigned by the chief of his tribe to guard his daughter Shania when the Garvoy shamans sensed an immensely evil force approaching. While the rest of the Garvoy positioned themselves for battle against the approaching evil Natan was assigned to take Shania to a safe location and lay low. The evil force approaching was the being known lone woman however when she encountered the Garvoy slaughtered the the entire resistance force with terrible supernatural powers. Shania saw the fate of her people and vowed revenge on the woman who she simply called "The Lady". Though Natan had sworn to protect Shania he could not deny her vengeance and vowed to keep her safe in her quest. Through-out the game he stoically keeps by her side constantly.


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