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We just have to hope these guys can hold up! And... let's get more plants! All the plants! Rally the plants! Blow the plant whistle!
~ Nate Timeley

Nathaniel Timeley, or simply known as Nate, is one of the main protagonists of the comic book of Plants vs. Zombies. He is an 11-year-old adventurer along with his friend Patrice and Crazy Dave.


Nate is a kid that has brown hair, he wears a red and white shirt with green shorts and a pair of green and red shoes.


Nate is portrayed as a natural thrill-seeker at heart who loves any sort of adventure, be it an imaginary one in his treehouse or a real one battling the zombie horde. He is very excitable, reacting very strongly to things he likes, but is not too bright, especially compared to Patrice. He is also described as very intelligent such as being a strategist to fight the zombies. However, sometimes he prefers running away instead of fighting them.



  • He along with Patrice didn't appear in any Plants vs. Zombies games.
  • His favorite plant is Peashooter.
  • He believes that dogs can senses fear.
  • He grows up to be a genius scientist who becomes the world's most proficient anti-zombie mechanic.
  • Additionally, he is one of the very few characters of the franchise to dab, the other being Cactus and the Yeti King.
    • He can be seen dabbing in Petal to the Metal comic series.


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