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Oh, crap!
~ Nate's catchphrase.
As thrilling as the next adventure may be, in the end, you’re always left with that same feeling.
~ Nate to Sam after their adventure.

Nathan "Nate" Drake (born Nathan Morgan) (born 1976) is the main protagonist of the Uncharted video game series.

He is an American treasure hunter, fortune seeker, and action pro who became obsessed with the famous English explorer Sir Francis Drake at a young age, to the point of adopting his last name as his new one. During his adventures, Nate fights against other power hungry individuals while also evading death at every corner.

As an adult, he is voiced and motion-captured by Nolan North, who also voiced Vashryon in Resonance of Fate, Desmond Miles in the Assassin's Creed series, Edward Richtofen in Call of Duty zombies, Superboy in Young Justice, The Prince in 2008s titular game, Smokescreen in Transformers Prime, Hades in 2005s God of War, Blaze in Blaze and the Monster Machines, The Fish in 2003's The Cat in the Hat video game, The Hero of Bower Lake in Fable II, Sideswipe in Transformers: The Revenge of the Fallen video game, Deadpool in numerous media and games, Alex Mason in Call of Duty: Black Ops – Declassified, The Boss ("Nolan North" voice) in Saints Row IV and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, and Superman in Young Justice: Legacy.

As a teenager, he is voiced and motion-captured by both Britain Dalton (who will portray Lo'ak in Avatar 2 and Avatar 3) and Billy Unger (who also played Chase Davenport in Lab Rats and Lab Rats: Elite Force).

In the 2022 film, he is portrayed by Tom Holland, who portrays Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and also played Arvin Russell in The Devil All the Time, and voiced Walter Beckett in Spies in Disguise, Jip in Dolittle, and Ian Lightfoot in Onward.



Nathan Morgan was born in 1976 to an unnamed father and Cassandra Morgan, an archeologist, and is the younger brother of Samuel Morgan.

In 1981, Cassandra had been suffering from an unknown terminal illness, which led her to commit suicide. Following her death, Nathan and Sam's father decided to give up his hold of his sons, and both were entrusted to a Catholic orphanage, the Saint Francis' Boy's Home. In addition, their father sold their mother's possession, including her archeological work and was never heard from again.

The brothers spent the next few years in the orphanage, during which Nathan took interest in books and was taught Latin by the nuns, and learning how to free-run and climb from Sam. During his time at the orphanage, he grew to dislike most of the staff, notably Sister Catherine, but he became fond of Father Ryan Duffy. Around this time, Sam was kicked out of the orphanage due to participating in criminal activities. Sam would support himself and Nathan by getting a job, and would keep in touch with his brother.

By the late 1980s, Nathan was teased by an older boy named Edward, who insulted his parents, and the two later fought. Nathan was suspended from a retreat with the rest of the orphanage, and received a lecture from Sister Catherine. After she left, Nathan noticed lights signs by Sam, and the brothers left the orphanage as Sam informed Nathan that he was leaving for at least for a year due to his new job. Nathan was shocked and angered by this. Sam decided to cheer up his brother by revealing he tracked down their mother's possession, and the two decided to steal them.

The brothers broke in the house to retrieve their mother's possessions, and were confronted by the owner, Evelyn. After she learned that the two were Cassandra's sons, she revealed herself to be their mother's friend and former employer. Cassandra told them of a theory Cassandra had that they were the illegitimate heirs of Sir Francis Drake, and additionally of her research on Henry Avery. However, Evelyn had called the police due to their break-in. Evelyn attempted to call off the cops, but soon died from heart failure, prompting them to escape.

Afterward, the brothers decided to honor their mother on her theory on being Francis Drake's heirs, changing their names to Samuel and Nathan Drake. The two would protect each other in the following years and get each other out of jail, and the two would continue researching Henry Avery and Sir Francis Drake. According to Sam, Nate would through a "magic phase" where he went by "Nate the Great", and would do magical tricks.


Around 1991, Nathan went to Cartegena, Colombia to find Sir Francis Drake's ring, which was on display at a museum. Nate witnessed a man copy the display's case key lock before being thrown out by guard, and decided to follow the middle-aged man to see what he was up to. Nate climbed across a building to see the man receive a fake key to open the display, and later pick-pocked his wallet to get it. Nate was caught by the man, and gave him his wallet, but secretly took the copied key from the wallet.

Once it was evening, Nate returned to the museum, but was confronted by the man whose name was Victor, and his employer Katherine Marlowe. Nate refused to give Marlowe the ring, and escaped from her agents with the aid of Victor. Afterward, Nate and Victor introduced themselves, and became partners. Victor told Nate to call him "Sully", and the former would later meet his brother, who didn't see "eye to eye" with him.

Treasure Hunting

With his brother and Sully, Nate become a capable treasure hunter and adventurer, and would befriend other individuals such as the Indonesian pirate Eddy Raja and treasure hunters Harry Flynn and Jason Dante, all who would become his enemies later in life. According to Eddy, he holds a grudge against Nate since he double-crossed him on a job, but Nate justifies this by saying Eddy was planning on double-crossing him. In addition, Nate met Chloe Frazer during his career, and began a relationship with her before breaking it off.


Towards the late 1990s, Nate and Sam met with Rafe Adler, who wanted part in their search for Henry Avery's treasure. The group used Rafe's wealth to bribe Vargas, the warden of a Panamanian prison to find a clue from Joseph Burnes' cell. During his time in prison, Nate would fight a notorious inmate named Gustavo, and fought him once to get to Burnes' cell by Vargas. Nate climbs his way to Burnes' cell, and finds the cross of Saint Dismas, and noticed that it was hollow and half-broken. Nate returned to Vargas, lying that he didn't find anything, and told him to find blueprints to the prison. Nate reunited with Sam and Rafe, and Sam reveals that there is a Saint Dismas cathedral in Scotland Scotland]], which was Avery's last known location.

The trio were confronted by Gustavo and his friends, which led to a short fight where Gustavo was beaten by Vargas. The Saint Dismas cross was discovered by Vargas, and decided to take the trio to his office to discuss their lies. Rafe kills him when he tries to blackmail them to get part of the cut, and the trio are forced to run away from the guards. During the escape, Sam is shot by the guards, leading Nate to cry in grief, and reluctantly leave with Rafe. The two continued to work on finding Avery's treasure in Scotland, but Nate found it fruitless due to Sam's "death" and not finding anything on Avery. Nate decided to leave the quest, and decided to not mention Sam's "death", but continued searching for Sir Francis Drake]].

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Returning his focus on Sir Francis Drake's journeys, Nathan works with journalist Elena Fisher in locating Nate's supposed ancestor's coffin. The two discover the coffin to be empty, only containing Drake's diary where he explains his search for El Dorado. While looking through the diary, Nate is alerted by Elena of the arrival of pirates, but the two are able to defend themselves until Sully arrives. After evading the pirates, Nate and Sully discuss about Sir Francis' diary and learn that he traveled through the Amazon rainforest, and decide to leave Elena behind. The duo then travel through the rainforest where they enter an ancient ruin, and learn that El Dorado is actually a golden statue, but it was moved to another location by the Spaniards.

Continuing their search, Nate and Sully come across an abandoned U-boat in a river fall, and Drake enters the boat and finds a map telling of the statue's location. Returning to the surface, Nate finds Sully captured by Gabriel Roman and his right-hand Atoq Navarro. Roman explains that Sully owes him a lot of money, and wants to find El Dorado himself. During the conversation, Roman shoots Sully as the U-boat explodes since Nate accidently caused a torpedo to become active. Drake is then forced to evade Navarro's mercenaries until he encounters Elena, who traveled through the rainforest to find them. After explaining the situation to her, they worked together to fight against Navarro's mercenaries to reach the island via Sully's plane. The two are shot down, but manage to parachute to the island where Nathan is captured by Eddy Raja.

While locked in a prison cell by Raja, Elena saves him and the two escaped in a jeep where they reached the flooded colony. During their search, Drake showed hesitance on his quest after "losing" Sully and seeing the odds they were up against. During this time, Nate and Elena learn that the statue was moved once again, but that Sully is still alive and working for Roman and Navarro. The two then worked together to reach the monastery where they confronted Sully, but learn that he was faking his allegiance to Roman and managed to survive the bullet wound due to Sir Francis' diary. The group continue their quest in finding the statue, but are eventually separated from Sully. Inside a treasure vault, Nate finds Sir Francis' body, and becomes saddened upon learning that he never find the treasure. The two are then confronted by Raja, who is fighting against a group of creatures that are referred as descendants.

Nathan works with Eddy to fight against the creatures until he is killed, but manages to escape from them when Elena brings down a rope for him to reach. Reaching a control room without power, Nate leaves Elena behind to find a generator to restore it. While searching for the generator, Nate came across old footage of Sir Francis and his expedition, where it's revealed that the El Dorado statue contains a toxin that mutated the Germans and Spaniards. Fearing of what a person could do with such a power, Sir Francis decided to keep the statue on the island. Once he restored the power, Drake discovered that Elena was captured by Roman, who was preparing to retrieve the statue for himself. Nate then reunited with Sully and battled against mercenaries and descendants, and returned to the catacombs to reach the cavern where the statue was kept. The two were then captured by the mercenaries, and witnessed Roman become mutated as Navarro revealed his plan to sell the statue.

As Navarro was leaving with a captured Elena, Nate decided to go after him by jumping onto the statue as Sully remained on the island. Once reaching the tanker ship, Nate battled Navarro and used the crashed helicopter and statue to Atoq, resulting in him drowning. After stopping Navarro, Nate is returned the ring of Sir Francis by Elena, and the two reunite with Sully, who managed to take a speedboat that contained treasure.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

While having a drink, Nate is greeted by Harry Flynn and Chloe, who want him to join their heist to steal an oil lamp tied to Marco Polo and the Cintamani stone. Agreeing to the plan, they decide to betray Flynn's employer, but Nate and Chloe secretly plan on leaving their life behind after the heist. The group manage to infiltrate the Istanbul exhibit, but Flynn betrays Nate and alerts the guards to his location. Nate attempts to escape, but he is captured and imprisoned for three months until Sully and Chloe bail him out. Chloe informs Nate that Flynn and his employer Zoran Lazarević found Polo's fleet in Borneo, and she wants to get the treasure before they do. The group agree to the plan and have Chloe be a mole in Lazarević's group, and Drake is able to enter the camp and found the caverns where Polo's crew reached.

In the caverns, the group find a golden dagger referred to as the Phurba, and learn that it will allow them to enter Shambhala, which is located in Nepal. When leaving, they are confronted by Flynn and his men, who gets the map and learns of the location. Chloe then assists them in escaping, but Sully tells Nate that he wont travel with him since he finds the situation too dangerous. In Nepal, Nate and Chloe battle against Lazarević's soldiers and come across Elena and her cameraman Jeff, as they are investigating Zoran since he was labeled dead by NATO. The group then decide to work together and reach the temple, where Nate and Chloe solve a puzzle that reveals the stone is within the Himalayas. When leaving the temple, they discover that Jeff has been wounded, and Nate refuses to leave him behind despite Chloe being adamant about him being dead weight.

The group manage to reach an area for Jeff, but Lazarević and Flynn arrive as Chloe returns to her cover to protect Drake. During the conversation, Zoran murders Jeff and leaves with Flynn to kill Nate and Elena. The two then manage to escape from Harry and reach a train yard, as Nate wants to save Frazer from the war criminal. Drake narrowly reaches the train, and proceeds to fight a horde of Lazarević's army until he fights against Draza. He is saved by Chloe, who refuses to leave with him since he was insistent on saving Jeff. During their argument, Drake is shot by Flynn, but he is able to reach to an empty part of the train and shoots a propane tank to send off the rails. Despite his injury, Nate escapes the train and battles more of Zoran's men before passing out, but he is saved by a Tibetan village.

Drake meets Elena at the village alongside Karl Schäfer, whom explains that he once searched for Shambhla himself and sends him to find what was left of his expedition. Traveling to a temple alongside Tenzin, Nate come across a group of hostile Yeti monsters whom possess superhuman strength and agility. The duo reach what is left of Schäfer's expedition, learning that he killed his fellow German soldiers after learning what the resin could do. Returning to the village, they find it under attack by Lazarević's army and learn from Elena that Karl has been kidnapped. Drake and Fisher then work together to reach Schäfer, who tells them to destroy the stone before passing away from his wounds. Nate then continues to find a way to enter Shambhala, and briefly encounters Chloe when coming across a puzzle. After unlocking the way to enter the city, Nate is confronted by Lazarević, whom has captured Elena and Frazer.

Zoran then forces Nate to work with Flynn to open the gates, where they manage to open the gate but encounter several Yeti creatures. Once entering Shambhala, the Guardians arrive and attack the group, forcing Nate, Elena and Chloe to escape and battle against the creatures and Lazarević's forces. The group reach the center of the city, and Nate realizes that the resin is not a stone of resin, but is a large pool within the tree. Before they can reach Zoran, a wounded Flynn arrives and attempts to kill the trio with a grenade. The three survive the explosion, but Elena is wounded, forcing Nate and Chloe to protect her from Zoran's remaining men while trying to reach the tree. Nate then leaves Chloe with Elena as he confronts Lazarević, whom has consumed the resin and developed superhuman abilities. Despite this, Drake defeats the war criminal, but decides to leave the Guardians to finish him as he escapes from Shambhala with Elena and Chloe.

At the village, Chloe tells Nate that she's leaving and that he should tell Elena of his feelings for her. Though he initially denies this, he shares a kiss with Elena, thus starting their relationship. The two later married at some point in time, but their relationship ended due to Nate's obsession with treasure hunting.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Wanting to focus on Sir Francis Drake's expeditions Nate teams up with Sully, Chloe and Charlie Cutter in learning more of Drake's travels for Queen Elizabeth. The group plan on following Marlowe to find her secret location, and do so by having Cutter be a mole within Katherine's organization. Entering the catacombs of a warehouse, Nate finds the cipher disc, T.E. Lawrence's journal, but learns that Sir Francis and John Dee were hired by Elizabeth to find the Atlantis of the Sands. Learning that the two locations they documented were in Syria and France, Nate splits up with Sully to France as Chloe and Cutter travel to a castle in Syria. While going through a chateau, Nate and Sully find a part of an amulet, but they are ambushed by Marlowe's right-hand Talbot, who takes the amulet before leaving them to die.

After escaping from the burning building, Nate and Sully travel to Syria in hopes to find Chloe and Cutter before they could be captured by Marlowe's agents. The two managed to do so, and work with them enter deeper into the castle to find the other half of the amulet. During their quest, Cutter is drugged by Talbot, causing Charlie to attack Nate until he is stopped by Sully and Frazer. The group continue onward and find the amulet, but Marlowe and Talbot arrive and take the relic nd T.E.'s journal from Cutter. However, Charlie reveals that he was faking his allegiance and helps the other escape, but breaks his leg when forced to jump from atop of the castle. After evading Marlowe's men, Chloe decides to stop with the quest to help Charlie, but Nate remains determined to find the treasure. Knowing they have to go to Yemen, Sully gets access by Elena, who still feels the strain from her soured relationship with Drake.

While in the city, Nate encounters Talbot and gets Lawurence's journal back, and reunites with his friends to reach a tunnel system. The group then work together to solve several puzzles that leads to a map telling of the Atlantis of the Sands, but Sully is the only one who is able to read the star constellations due to his Naval history. When leaving the tunnel, Nate is drugged by Talbot, causing him to hallucinate and run away until he is captured by Marlowe's men. Drake is confronted by Marlowe, who wants Sully's location and attempts to sow a seed of doubt in his partnership with his mentor. Talbot then reveals to Katherine that Sully has been found, leading to Nate making a break towards him until he knocked out by Rameses. Awaking on the pirate's ship, Nate learns from Ramses that he has captured Sully, but it's later revealed that it was a ruse to get him to speak of the Atlantis of the Sands.

Nate then continues to fight against Rameses and his pirates, and barely escapes from the pirate's sinking ship as he washes to Yemen. He returns to Elena, who agrees to work with him to save Sully, helping him sneak onto a plane that is preparing to head off the desert. While stowed on the plane, Nate is attacked by one of Marlowe's men, which results in the plane becoming damaged until it rips apart. Drake survives by holding onto a container with a parachute, but is forced to walk through the desert until he comes across a ghost town. When searching for water, Nate comes across Marlowe's men and battles them until he is rescued by Salim and his tribesmen. Salim explains that the city was cursed when Solomon controlled the Djinn, but he later entrapped the spirits within a vessel due to their power.

Nate then works with Salim to stop Marlowe's men, managing to rescue Sully from a convoy and enter the city. Nate then drinks the city's water, which results in him suffering another hallucination where Victor is supposedly killed Talbot. He manages to break from his hallucination after battling several of Marlowe's men that turn into Djinn, and reunites with Sully, whom explains that the people of the city went mad since the water is hallucinogenic. Nate then realizes that Sir Francis abandoned his mission once he learned what the queen wanted, and that Marlowe intends on using the hallucinogenic water to terrorize the world. Reaching Marlowe's position, Nate is able to prevent her from obtaining the brass vessel, which results in the destruction of the city. During the escape, Marlowe sinks in quicksand as Talbot is defeated in combat before Drake and Sully escape with Salim. Reuniting with Elena, Nate decides to rekindle their marriage by showing her his wedding ring as the two see Sully with his new plane.

A New Life

Following his adventures, Nate decided to lay down with Elena to rekindle their marriage while also realizing that his luck can't run forever on each treasure hunt. The two eventually moved to New Orleans where Nate became a diver for Jameson's savage company, where he maintains his upbeat personality. Despite settling down, Nate desired his old life of adventure, but is hesitant sine he promised that he was one with that life. He also kept in contact with his allies, but rejected their adventures since he considered himself out of the game.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

After completing a day of salvaging, Jameson reveals that he has a Malaysia job, but Nate refuses to work on it since he doesn't have permits. While in his office, he is reunited with Sam, who explains that he owes his former cellmate Hector Alcazar the treasure of Henry Avery since he broke him out of prison. Though reluctant since he has settled down, Nate agrees to help him and lies to Elena that he was taking the Malaysia job. Nate and Sam then work with Sully to retrieve the Saint Dismas cross in Italy, but the two encounter Rafe, who is attempting to buy the cross at the auction, and Nadine Ross, whom he has partnered with in his search for Avery's treasure. The siblings manage to obtain the cross by stealing it when turning off the lights, and are forced to escape from the auction with Sully. Back at their hotel, they find a piece of paper from the cross that pinpoints a grave at Dismas' cathedral in Scotland.

The Drake siblings travel to the Saint Dismas cathedral where they pass several tests to reach a chamber that reveals their location - Madagascar. The two are then ambushed by Nadine, but are able to escape by having one of her men set off a trap and reach Sully's plane. With the coin having the mark of a volcano, they travel to King's Bay where they find towers that hold the pirate captain sigils. Reaching Avery's tower, they use a map to pinpoint two locations where Avery's treasures could be, at Joseph Farrell or Edward England's tower. The trio split up as Sam goes alone to Farrell's tower, as Nate and Sully reach England's tower and solve several puzzles. Finding a map with that tells of the next location, Nate and Sully prepare to meet with Sam, but Rafe reveals that he has hacked into their phones and is sending Nadine's men to eliminate them. The group fight against Nadine's men and Nate manages to reach his brother before returning to their motel, where they learn that the map speaks of Libertalia.

When entering their hotel room, the trio are confronted by Elena, who managed to learn that Nate was lying and tracked him down to Madagascar. She becomes upset due to Nate's lying as well revealing of his brother, but Drake refuses to leave the hunt since Sam needs to find the treasure for Alcazar. The siblings travel across several islands and solve several puzzles to find the specific island they need, but they are marooned when confronted by Shoreline. The following morning, Nate is able to reunite with his brother and they find what remains of Libertalia. Reaching the building that contains the treasure, they it empty, but learn that the pirates must have taken the treasure for themselves. Seeing that they must have taken it to New Devon, the siblings prepare to head there but are attacked by Shoreline once again. When evading the mercenaries, they are attacked by Nadine until Rafe arrives.

When Nate attempts to explain Rafe about the situation with Alcazar, Adler explains that he freed Sam from prison to help him find the treasure. After failing to make a bargain with Adler, Nate is nearly shot by him until Sam intervenes, which results in Drake falling off the cliff. He is saved by Elena, who traveled to the island with Sully, and he proceeds to explain why he and his brother took the name of Sir Francis Drake. While heading to New Devon, Nate and Elena reconcile and come across the remains of the captains, realizing that the pirates turned on each other as Thomas Tew and Henry Avery poisoned the founders. The two then reach Avery's catacombs where they evade his traps, but manage to reach Sam while battling what remains of Nadine's group. Upon reuniting, Nate tells Sam that their quest is over, and tells him that they are heading home with Sully. When leaving, Sam is separated from the others, and decides to continue on his journey to find the treasure.

Nate then decides to save his brother, and while reaching to the abandoned ship, overhears Nadine losing command of Shoreline as Rafe has bought them out. Inside the boat that has recently exploded from a trap, Nate finds Sam unconscious and Rafe holding him at gunpoint. During the conversation, Nadine arrives and shows them the corpses of Avery and Tew, as the treasure caused the two to turn mad and fight each other to the death. She then leaves the Drake brothers and Rafe to die, but Adler decides to fight Nate since he wanted to earn Avery's wealth. Nate is able to kill Adler by cutting the rope holding treasure, and manages to use a canon to get himself and Sam out of the boat. The brothers swim to shore with Elena, and Nate has his farewell with Sam, whom has decided to partner with Sully.

Later on, Jameson sells his savage company to Nate, as Elena reveals that she bought using the treasure as she has missed their adventuring lifestyle as well. The two then started their own company called D&F Fortunes, and later had a daughter together named Cassie. Years later, Cassie discovers her parents' past adventures and asks them about it, and Nate decides that it's time to share their previous adventures to her.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Though he doesn't make a physical appearance, Nate is mentioned by Chloe and Nadine in their adventure to find the Tusk of Ganesh.


Y'know, people are always telling me how lucky I am. But the truth is, everything I touch turns to shit.
~ Nathan claiming that he's not as lucky as people believe.

Nathan possesses the "every-man" persona; Nate has a dry humor, is quick to help others, but can also be temperamental and indifferent to violence and death. He is focused mainly on his work but will help others of their lives are at risk. He has demonstrated the abilities to read Latin and Spanish. Aside from being quirky at times, Nate can be surprisingly tactical. He will scan an environment and use stealth if the odds are stacked against him before charging headfirst into a gunfight. A prime example is when Zoran Lazarević augmented himself with sap from the Tree of Life. As he became too powerful to attack head-on, Nate used the sap around the area, which was explosive, to wound him and bring him back to his mortal state.

Nate is very protective of his friends and loved ones, he is quick to help those who he cares about when they are in need. He shows great loyalty, as he didn't fall for Marlowe's manipulations on Sully, and later carried Jeff across Nepal despite barely knowing him. He is famously quick-witted, finding humor in many of the dangerous situations he finds himself in. Even Nate's own mistakes earn his pronounced chuckles before finding a way around them. Despite being desensitized to killing, Drake is moral and takes no pleasure in murdering people. but at the same time, it is entirely unavoidable and the people he is forced to kill are bad in their own right.

A defining trait of Nate's, as noted by many of his friends and allies, is that he is unbelievably lucky; the whole reason Sully ends up opting out of the search for Shambhala is because he doesn't have Nate's luck, and he is constantly shown to survive hectic situations without any permanent damage. Nate, however, strongly disagrees with this, claiming that if he really was as lucky as everyone says he is, then all the crazy situations he gets into wouldn't happen to him in the first place.

Nate tends to remain emotionally unaffected by the increasing number of men he kills throughout his adventures, but still finds it unethical for himself and others to be killed in cold-blood. Despite the body count he has stacked up over the years (albeit always in self-defense), Drake is able to maintain a surprisingly light-hearted personality. That said, Nate seems to prefer to avoid killing if he can help it, and draws the line at killing innocent people such as security guards.

As his adventures are both dangerous and often criminal, Drake tries to remain armed and ready for opposition, and has adapted quickly to a large assortment of weaponry. Because of this, he can hold his own in both firearm and hand-to-hand combat, even against trained soldiers. Drake's past has not been shown to have given him any professional military training, but he does demonstrate great proficiency when fighting, this may well have been just picked-up throughout his travels. Drake's climbing skills are considered unmatched and has stated more than once that his line of work is never easy, but that he is driven more by the thrill of the hunt rather than the promises of treasure.

One of Drake's flaws is his obsession with treasure hunting and thrill-seeking, which makes most his allies that he's trying to prove something. Despite giving up the life of treasure hunting in A Thief's End, he stills seeks his former life, and reluctantly decides to return to it when Sam returns to his life. However, Nate has shown how to contain his obsession with treasure hunting, as he decided to leave the search for El Dorado after Sully's apparent death, and decided to leave Libertalia after realizing how much he has put at stake. He also has shown himself to possess a bit of a hair trigger, which is shown when a bully insulted his mother, or when Flynn insulted Sully in front of him.

Abilities and Weaknesses

I don't fumble, I improvise.
~ Nate to Chloe.

Even when he was a teenager Drake was an incredibly skilled free runner and climber. He is able to jump from high distances without any harnesses or security and possesses massive upper body as well as tolerance for pain. He was able to climb a derailed train despite the fact that he was shot and confused of his surroundings, though his gunshot wound was clearly hurting him he was strong enough to not let go. As he was a thief since he was only a teenager, Drake is a skilled pickpocket, able to steal Victor Sullivan's wallet from him; however, Sully noticed but Drake was able to swipe the key he was searching for in the first place.

Another example of his thieving skills was when he and Harry Flynn broke into an Istanbul museum without any of the guards noticing until Flynn revealed his treachery and purposefully shot a glass case to attract the guards. Despite his "shoot first, ask questions later" persona Drake is also skilled with stealth takedowns and chokeholds, being able to overpower and knockout multiple security guards without killing them. He normally stealthily snaps his enemies necks while creeping up on them, and his allies trust him when going into situations where they can use stealth.

Drake is very capable when it comes to unarmed fighting, close to being a One-Man Army. He is able to overpower Navarro's mercenaries, Lazarevic's soldiers, Marlowe's agents and Nadine's soldiers despite their militaristic background and training, this also includes much larger and stronger despite the fact that they are combatively advanced than he is. He is also surprisingly intelligent, thinking up the theory with the help of his older brother that Sir Francis Drake faked his death when he was only a teenager and is bilingual, able to speak fluently in Latin and Spanish. He also deduced that Lazarević, who he believed was searching for the Cintamani Stone, was actually looking to drink from the sap of the Tree of Life which would make him invincible. In A Thief's End, he came up with a theory that Avery was recruiting wealthy pirates, which prove to be true after solving numerous puzzles. Additionally, Drake has shown himself to be clever and quick-thinking, such as taking Cutter's notes from Talbot in Yemen, or using the resin to defeat Lazarević.

Drake's main proficiency is with guns. He possesses a trained hand and a very good marksman, he himself even remarks, "damn, I'm a good shot!" He is good handguns, semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, and as it's revealed crossbows. He is also good with grenades and other explosives, and is even capable of wielding heavy machines guns in Drake's Deception and A Thief's End.

Drake's greatest abilities are his luck and indomitable will, as he has survived many incidents that are deemed impossible. Though luck is not a ability, Drake is considered lucky by both his allies and enemies, with a Shoreline enemy noting that Drake should "count his blessings". When at near death, he often tells himself to push on, which proved to be successful in surviving in the desert for at least two days, or survive the train incident.

However Drake is not invincible and can also be overwhelmed or overpowered an opponent an example was in the Rub Al' Khali when he was pinned down by countless of Talbot's agents, Drake, for a moment, believed it was the end for him. He can also be injured or ambushed an example is when Harry Flynn was able to shoot him on-board a train while he was arguing with Chloe Frazer. Though he was able to tolerate the pain from the gunshot wound he slowly succumbed to it because of the harsh conditions, and nearly died in the desert due to the heat and dehydration. His improvised and self-made fighting style, while effective against most opponents, can be overcome by more trained and smarter combatants such as Nadine who quickly defeated Drake in a one-on-one fight in their first encounter. He was also close to being killed by Rafe, and only survived due to Sam giving him a sword and cutting the tight rope holding Avery's treasure.

Known Games

  • Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
  • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
  • Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
  • Uncharted: Golden Abyss
  • Uncharted: Drake's Trail
  • Playstation All-Star Battle Royale
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (mentioned only)


Hey, we weren't fighting! Huh? Right, little guy? {...} Hey, give me a call when you're tall enough to ride the rides!
~ Nathan mocking Gustavo.
You make it sound so dirty. Besides, I thought you didn't believe me.
~ Nathan to Elena, his first words in the series.
Well, history can be wrong, you know.
~ Nathan to Elena, on Sir Francis Drake not having children.
Sic parvis magna, 'Greatness from small beginnings'.
~ Nathan Drake.
Okay... you just jump, count to five, and you pull the cord. How hard could that be? Oh, crap! Aaaaagh! Onetwothreefourfive! Aaa-ha-hagh! Huagh! Ah, crap crap crap crap crap crap!!!
~ Nate when preparing to jump out of the plane.
Adios, asshole.
~ Nathan to Navarro before the latter's death.
Yep, that's my blood... that's a lot of my blood...
~ Nathan in the opening of Uncharted 2.
Kitty got wet!
~ Nathan in combat.
I will kick you to sleep!
~ Nathan in combat.
I don't fumble, I improvise.
~ Nate to Chloe.
Great, power's out, and a girl's trapped. I swear to God, if there's a Zombie around the next corner...
~ Nathan Drake, referencing the Descendents from the first game.
Haha, fish outta water!
~ Nate to Chloe after leaving the pool after playing to Marco Polo.
Tenzin! RPG? RPG! What's Tibetan for RPG?
~ Nathan while fighting in the village, attempting to destroy the tank.
There's not actually a stone. It's the resin, the sap... from the Tree of Life.
~ Nate to Elena and Chloe.
Maybe not...but they do.
~ Nathan to Lazarević before the Guardians kill him.
Oh, careful now - wouldn't want you to melt.
~ Nate to Marlowe.
It means, be careful what you wish for. It might just get you.
~ Nathan to Sully.
Time to end this, you son of a bitch!
~ Nate before killing Talbot.
Looks like a fox. It's like a... fox in jeans.
~ Nathan while playing Crash Bandicoot.
Lady, you're lucky I'm a gentleman, cause if I weren't, I would-
~ Nate to Nadine during their fight.
Well, let's see here... I ruined my marriage. Drove my best friend away. Got two psychos and their army after me. And now my brother's gone missing. But, on the bright side, there's no one around to tell me I'm an idiot.
~ Nathan on the island.
You're just like the rest of those worthless thugs who serve in that pathetic mob you call an army.
~ Nate to Rafe.
We're done here. I'm taking my brother and we're leaving. You want to stay and burn with this ship, you be my guest.
~ Nathan to Rafe, defeating him in the duel.
You want the treasure, Rafe? It's all yours.
~ Nate to Rafe, before killing him.
As thrilling as the next adventure may be, in the end, you’re always left with that same feeling.
~ Nate to Sam after their adventure.
You know what? The sun is up. Boat's ready. Wind is just right. You wanna continue the story? I say we do it on the water. C'mon.
~ Nathan to Cassie, deciding to tell her his past adventures.


  • Nolan North stated in an interview that Nate is an orphan, Amy Hennig also revealed in a twitter post that he doesn't have any close family. This is confirmed to be the case in Uncharted 4, which shows him in an orphanage.
  • In the internet game; Drake's Trail, Nate's home address is seen as: 160 Guard Ave, Apt. 3, Key West, Florida. A portion of this address appears in Nate's journal in Among Thieves, although the city and state are obscured (see image here).
  • Nate shares his initials with Naughty Dog, the developers of the Uncharted series. NDI is written on the back of Nate's gun holster, which stands for Naughty Dog Industries or Incorporated.
  • In Drake's Trail, Nate's e-mail address is ndrake@privateer.com.
  • Nate shares some similarities with a previous Naughty Dog character (Crash Bandicoot) as:
    • They are heroes.
    • They have sidekicks.
    • They have brothers.
    • They have two blondies as love interests.
    • They have father figures.
  • Nate's date of birth is mentioned in Drake's Trail as being January 11, 1982. From this date of birth, he would be 25 in the first game, 27 in the second, and would be 29 in the upcoming third game, assuming each game is two years apart. However, this date of birth may be inaccurate as the canon of Drake's Trail is disputed. It was also stated by Amy Hennig in an interview that Nate is in his mid-thirties, but this could be seen as a joke as it could've been a sympathetic remark for the interviewer who was in his mid thirties. [1]
  • Nate claims to have Coulrophobia, the fear of clowns.
  • In Uncharted 2, when Flynn catches Nate after he jumps onto a ledge, he remarks that he has put on some weight and that he should lay off the doughnuts, which appears to be a reference to the 'Doughnut Drake' skin. It may also refer to how Nate has bulked up slightly in the time passed between Drake's Fortune & Among Thieves. Amy Hennig confirmed in an interview that Nate was skinnier than intended in the first game.
  • Nate has a large scar on the right hemisphere of his forehead.
  • To date Nate has the most skins out of all the characters, with a total of 7 different skins and 33 limited edition skins.
  • In both games, Nate chooses about midway through the game to give up. However, he is always talked out of it, or is shown something that keeps him going. In Drake's Fortune, Elena talks Nate out of leaving by showing him that Sully is still alive. In Among Thieves, Nate and Tenzin find Schafer's expedition, showing what harm the Cintamani Stone could do.
  • Nate is 6 feet, 1 inch(es) tall, based on Nolan North's own height. Height appears to be based off the voice actor's own height. Elena would be 5'4, Chloe 5'8, and Flynn would be around 6'5.
  • Nate and Zoran are the only characters to have Doughnut character skins.
  • Nate came 16th on the Top 50 favorite game characters in the 2011 edition of the Guinness World Records.
  • Nate is a very good artist. If you flip through all the pages of his journal near the end of the game, you will find many expertly drawn images of items and objects he encounters during the story. He also makes parodies of some things; such as the Angry Eddy RIP drawing. It is a picture of one of the huge gargoyle-like faces in "Path of Light" saying "I kill you, Drake!" It is believed that he drew it in memory of Eddy Raja, who was killed by a Descendant in Drake's Fortune.
  • Nate, along with Elena and Sully, appeared in Gamer's Heart Japan for a few seconds of footage. He wore his Uncharted 3 outfit.
  • Nate fought Lara Croft from Tomb Raider in DEATH BATTLE, but lost.

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