Nathaniel is the (former) secondary antagonist in Disney's 2007 feature film Enchanted. He is both voiced and portrayed by Timothy Spall who also voiced Nick from Chicken Run.


In the beginning Nathaniel was shown to have very low self-esteem at the beginning of the film, having almost no respect or regard for himself, and only doing as Queen Narissa ordered him to do. He was infatuated with her, always putting her before even himself, and even willing to participate in her evil plans to make her happy. Narissa would usually bribe him into doing her wishes by falsely promising a happily ever after for him with herself.

After seeing a short portion of a television show, Nathaniel came to realize how little he likes himself, and begins to think that there is another side to Queen Narissa. And after being mistreated by her once again, he realizes his mistakes and reveals both Narissa's plan, and his involvement in it. And uses all these new feeling, along with the old ones to write a book, which many people liked.


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