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Nathaniel Barnes is a main character in the second season of Gotham, who appeared as the Captain of the G.C.P.D., who was assigned after the death of Sarah Essen during a massacre orchestrated by the Maniax. He is the head of Strike Force, a group of young recruitment in order to combat the corruption in Gotham City and clean it up.

Barnes takes his role as a cop very seriously and has no toleration for corruption, however can be very stubborn and believes someone is guilty unless proven otherwise.

During the third season he becomes a villain after being infected by tainted blood which drives him insane and on a quest to get rid of the "guilty" in the city of Gotham.

He is played by Michael Chiklis, who portrayed The Thing in the the Fantastic Four films.


After the murder of new commissioner Sarah Essen and other cops during the Maniax's massacre on the G.C.P.D., Nathaniel Barnes is transferred to the precinct as the new Captain, with the goal of cleaning up the crime in Gotham City. Upon his arrival, he sacks several corrupt police officers and even throws one in a cell for protesting. He meets with Detective James Gordon in his office, making him his second-in-command as Gordon had the same desire to clean up the crime in the city.

Barnes and Gordon go to a police academy to pick out some new recruits so they can become part of their new team known as "Strike Force". Barnes then makes it his first objective to build a case against crime lord Oswald Cobblepot, also known as The Penguin, in order to lock him away.


  • He is an original character created for the show.
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