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Natsuno Nanbu
Natsuno Nanbu
, or simply Captain General, is the Supreme Commander & RU, the second highest position. She was known as the original R4. Her job includes mobilizing Rescue Force from the UFDA headquarters and reports of the situation of the mission. Her friends call her, "Nancy", only personally. She occasionally took place of Captain Ishiguro in giving approvals for final rescues. She is also known to speak English.

Rescue Academy

While attending the academy, Natsuno Nanbu became the top of her class. She did a lot of traveling (possibly that's how she came to speak English) before returning to Japan.

Rescue Force

Natsuno Nanbu became R4 after graduating from the training. Among her teamates, were Obuchi (R1), Kamiya (R2), Naomi Okamura (R3), and Eiji Ishiguro (R5). She witnessed Obuchi trying the newly-developed Max Commander, which he failed to accomplish. Obuchi later perished during a mission. On rescue missions, she would unconsciously speak totally English.

Current Position

Natsuno Nanbu began her studies to become Supreme Commander. Two of her teammates, Eiji and Naomi still worked at UFDA with different jobs. Shw communicated with the new Rescue Force team, reporting of Super Disasters caused by Neo Terror.

Later, one of her teamates, Eiji Ishiguro resumed his role as R5, but has trouble controlling his personality. So she met Rescue Force in public to dicuss about the Captain's depression. Hikaru (R1) and Rei (R3) discovered that Obuchi, Captain General's teamate survived, but had become Daen, Neo Terror's leader (He eventually redeemed himself).

At one point, when Rescue Force was having trouble battling Neo Terror. Captain General suited up into her re-modified Rescue suit as RU (the "U" standing for Universe) where she delivered the new rescue tool, Rescue Zamber to R1 and helped fight against the enemy.

At the end of the series, she gained Juri, her successor as her personal assistant. Also, she brought in the three reprogrammed Neo Terror executives as apprentices.

Personal Life

Natsuno Nanbu is married to King Era, a soccer player who later retired during her job. They had a daughter whom they named Chiaki. Due to her responsibilities at UFDA, Natsuno Nanbu only spends time with her family once a year.

English Phrases

  • "Every cloud has a silver lining". - Ep. 19
  • "Good job!" - Ep. 34
  • "Everyone, listen to me. R1, R2, use the Rescue Zamber. Help those people now. R3, *R4, follow me - Ep. 45
  • RU (To R1): (giving approval to stop Zukkein) Stop it now!
  • R5: Hey, Nancy. Nancy!
  • RU: Yes. What is it?
  • R5: Please. Talk. In. Japanese. Japanese!
  • RU: Oh my God! The old habit is getting at me again.
  • "Take it easy" - Ep. 51


R4 G1

First generation R4


  • Rescue Commander
  • Rescue Cards
  • Rescue Breaker




  • Rescue Commander
  • Rescue Cards
  • Rescue Breaker
  • Rescue Zamber


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