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Nazuna Hiwatashi is one of the main characters in the 2020 anime series BNA: Brand New Animal. She first started off as the false antagonist (mainly due to her obssession thanks to the influence of Boris Cliff), not before she redeems herself and rekindles her friendship with Michiru. She once use to go to the same school as Michiru before they began beastman, captured and taken by Sylvasta before becoming the Guru of the Silver Wolf Order thanks to Boris. The latter would then soon become the mascot and idol of Anima-City

She was voiced by Maria Naganawa in the Japanese dub, and by Xanthe Huynh in the English dub.


When she was human, Nazuna used to be full of high hopes and determination of becoming a Pop Idol and was a very kind friend of Michiru. She seems to be quite happy spending time with her.

But after becoming a Beastman, taken away by Sylvasta, and later found and manipulated by Boris, she becomes egotistic and power hungry after being worshipped and posing as a "Silver Wolf". Nazuna didn't had any moral problems but was aware of the consequences from it. But she is still in good terms with Michiru despite having little regards of her feelings and accused her of pitying others, even thought that pretending to be the Silver Wolf to give people false hope was the right thing to do when it was all manipulation that Boris influenced to her.

After realizing the error of her ways and how she was used due to the horrifications of the Nirvasyl Syndrome being triggered. She later had a change of heart and her original personality and kindness comes back to her, even after becoming Anima-City's mascot and idol, she then rekindles her friendship with Michiru.

Powers & Abilities

Because she gained her beastmen powers through a botched blood transfusion as with her best friend Michiru, Nazuna displayed greater shapeshifting abilities than regular beastmen in addition of yet to be discovered powers unique to her, all of which that enable her to match the strength of Transcendent Beastmen if properly honed. This was hinted through her ability to impersonate Ginrou, the mythical wolf-like beastmen, and even implied to share same powers and abilities with both the original and her predecessor (Shirou Ogami). In stark contrast of Michiru, Nazuna gained a proper training to hone her beastmen powers thanks to Boris, though her combat abilities leaves something to be desired due to said training's purpose.

  • Shapeshifting: As stated previously, Nazuna can shapeshift between her human form and beastmen form. Unlike Michiru, she has two beastmen form; basic fox beastman and wolf beastman
    • Flight: She can grow a pair of bird-like wings on her back that allows her to fly in the air.
    • Gorilla Punch: Just like Michiru, Nazuna can enlarge her arms to a massive size due to an increase in muscle mass, easily allowing her to overpower opponents or create bursts of wind with thrown objects.
  • Special Abilities:
    • Ginrou Form: As with Shirou, Nazuna can assume Ginrou form to impersonate the wolf god for Silver Wolf Cult's cause. Unlike Shirou's however, said form possessed white and pink coloration as opposed to the former's cyan and white.
      • Aura Generation: In her Ginrou form, Nazuna's body constantly generates aura that can induce psychological effects on everyone around her.
    • Pseudo-Photokinesis: A unique ability shared with Michiru. Nazuna can generate bright light out of excess energy produced by her beast factor, though she seemed to have better control in as shown when saving Alan from falling while shifting from her Ginrou Form to her wolf beastman form.


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