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Nea Karlsson is one of the playable survivors in Dead by Daylight being introduced in The Last Breath. An Urban Artist Nea uses her agility and stealth to make quick getaways from the Entity's bloodthirsty servants.


Nea was always a bit of a troublemaker, her rebellious streak started at 16 when she dyed her hair black and cut it to a style she liked. Her parents began to think she lacked what made other people "normal". The reason for Nea's acting out was that she didn't like it when they moved to the U.S. She would often visit skate parks and even did graffiti with her tag "Mashtyx" being seen in various areas of her new hometown. One day Nea's friends dared her to tag the old asylum and she went missing. Her parents didnt notice at first as they were used to her running off for long periods of time. Nea was taken into the Entity's realm where she now uses her stealth and nimble cat-like agility to survive the Entity's deadly trials and even deadlier servants.


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