It's not safe to walk alone at night. Something bad could happen to you.
~ Necrolai to Leelee.

Necrolai is the tertiary antagonist turned anti-heroine in Power Rangers Mystic Force. She is the vicious and unrelenting Queen of the Vampires, who can fly to and from the surface world through the gate.


Necrolai is Morlock spy who was often disrespected by Koragg and Morticon, who often calls her a "witch." She can fly and usually conducts reconnaissance for Morticon in the area. However, Necrolai is usually the person who proposes monsters and thinks about plans. Still, she seems to be afraid of Morticon and Koragg, which explains why she endures their behavior and seldom responds.

Necrolai is the mother of Leelee. She accused her of turning Leelee's father into a worm. She seems to care little about Leelee, often ignoring or degrading her, and once used her as a guinea pig, pushing her into a barrier of three Hitiacs that had been disintegrated to see if she had weakened it to enable a wicked person by.

She is a powerful warrior herself and occasionally fights with the Rangers. Because of her status as a vampire queen, she is not adversely affected by garlic or sunlight. According to Xenotome, she is indestructible, but she was wiped out by the power of Dawn Crystal. She managed to reassemble herself one and a half months after that night, claiming she was indeed indestructible. When Morticon landed in the hands of the Rangers, Necrolai was sent by Master to retrieve Imperious. For some reason, although his initially showed more power than Morticon or Koragg, she never seemed to worry about the wizard and questioned him more often.

However, Necrolai acquired the Dark Morpher of Imperious created by the magical power of Koragg. With this, she has more dark magic power and ability. Koragg brings his magic back to challenge the new legendary power of the Rangers. After defending his case to the master, his magic was officially returned to him, and Necrolai was once again without magic. After Leanbow liberated the Rangers from the Underworld, the Master weakened him and asked Necrolai to grab Leanbow and bring him back to the pit, where he became Koragg again. After the battle, I saw the death of Imperious and the destruction of the villain's lair. Necrolai showed some doubts about her current role, but the discovery of the book of prophecy changed everything. She completely ignored her daughter. She followed the instructions in the book and provoked the surface of the Ten Terrors attacks.

Eventually, when Sculpin discovered that Leanbow prevented the Master from returning, Sculpin developed a plan to pull him out and let Necrolai implant one of Sculpin's scales on him. This allowed Terrors to follow him and retrieve the spirit of the Master. When choosing Itassis to punish Surface World, Necrolai asked her daughter to survive, but Sculpin decided that if Leelee chose to live with humans, she should die with them. When Iosians never sought conquest or destruction for her own sake but followed Master's orders, they were convinced that the Surface World would not be destroyed, and Necrolai would be commanded to lead the Terrors to her and reluctantly obey. She witnessed Itassis being killed by Sculpin and Black Lance.

At the end of the final episode, Itassis returned to fight with the owner, and Necrolai revealed that she had resurrected Itassis. She is also further demonstrated this ability by resurrecting Daggeron, Leanbow, and Jenji, who were previously knocked down. Her strength was exhausted, she regained her human form was called Nikki. She last lived in Briarwood, moved into the apartment with Leelee and dated Toby.


As Necrolai, she was a sinister, cold, awkward Morlock spy who did what she wanted when she wanted it. Although she was a mother, she ignored Leelee a bit, but after meeting Itassis, she performed In good faith, even begged her to let Leelee live, Itassis accepted.

As a Nikki, she is a kind and caring woman who is very friendly to everyone around her, including her daughter.


  • With Japanese children's programming guidelines much more lenient than those of the United States, Necrolai's Magiranger counterpart Vancuria was able to have a rather revealing costume with realistic breasts. Due to this, Disney never showed close-up, full body images of Necrolai sourced from Magiranger and instead zoomed in on her face and avoided showing her chest area as many times as possible. In scenes with Necrolai filmed specifically for Mystic Force, the revealing costume was replaced with a full bodysuit.
  • Unlike Vancuria, Necrolai is unable to split into two separate forms.
  • A monster with the head of Necrolai made a cameo in the Power Rangers Dino Charge episode "Wishing For A Hero" as one of the monster prisoners on Sledge's ship. The monster also appeared in "One More Energem" and "When Evil Stirs."
    • Ironically, Necrolai's Sentai counterpart Phantom Spy Vancuria was also later seen imprisoned under unknown circumstances in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Uchuu Keiji Gavan: The Movie.

See Also

  • Phantom Spy Vancuria - Super Sentai counterpart in Magiranger.


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