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Neil is a science camper at Camp Campbell. He is one of the four main characters of Camp Camp.

He briefly went by the name Neeancy when he pretended to be a girl while he and Nikki hung out with the Flowerscouts.

He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal, who also voiced the Prince in the Prince of Persia video game series, and Spider-Man in the Playstation 4 video game, Marvel's Spider-Man.


Neil has chestnut-brown curly hair , a mustard yellow t-shirt and dark red skinny jeans that are rolled up at the bottom. He also has white tennis shoes with baby blue laces and trim on the bottom. He has blue eyes with light pink skin.


Neil seems to be a stereotypical nerd, as he signed up for science camp, wanting to learn about scientific subjects throughout his summer. He was also shown to be rather easy to anger when it came to the camps science section. He also seems to dislike nature immensely, as he stated that he stating that he could've spent summer in an air conditioned laboratory, rather than a "future Wal-Mart parking lot."

Despite grievances, Neil gets along well with his friends, Max and Nikki, and does care for the both of them. Neil and Max often see eye to eye on their less than positive views of the camp, and Neil and Nikki also have a positive relationship despite their stark differences.


  • Given the style of his hairdo (colloquially referred to as a "Jew-fro") and the fact that he celebrates the Shabbat, Neil is presumably Jewish. This has been confirmed by the writers.
  • According to "Reigny Day", Nurf bullies him Tuesdays, Thursdays and on nondenominational holidays.
  • In "Cult Camp", Neil points out "the f'ed up implications of specifically Dolf putting specifically him inside of a gas chamber. This is a reference to the Holocaust.
  • Neil has advanced computer engineering skills shown in Anti-Social Network, turning 20 year old graphing calculators into chatbots and have coding skills to make a NEIL ROCKS screensaver.
  • In the Camp Camp Teaser Trailer, Neil is shown to have asthma
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