Neinhalt Sieger is one of the heroes in the Samurai Shodown series.


Neinhalt Sieger is the Prussian Warrior who is leader of the Red Lion Knights. However, he went to Japan to deal with the threat of Mizuki Rashojin. In his ending, he saved his country from the most demons and married the daughter of King Prussia, Elizabeth.

In the spin-off, Samurai Spirits RPG, Neinhalt married Queen Victoria and protected France from any demon attacks. When they are in Paris and Green Hell, he will definitely help the party that fight against Mizuki. However, Mizuki plunged him into one of the Dark Bells, which increased the powers of Ambrosia and absorbed the evil spirits.

Knowing the dangers of the bell, he allowed the party to destroy it and commit suicide in the process.


Sieger is a proud knight, loyal to the King and country. He is a fair warrior who respects his opponents' abilities, though he hates to lose face in front of his men and liege.


  • In the Gamest silhouette parody series, the staff compared Sieger's first official art to a seated man holding a large fish over his back. They dubbed the silhouette character Shigeru and even designed a telephone card in his image. Although other characters were parodied as well, Shigeru became a sort of inside joke for fans.


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