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Hero Overview

Nekomamushi, also known as Master Nekomamushi, is a male character in the anime and manga series One Piece.  He's a feline Mink and a former Pirate who hails from Zou, a Kingdom which sits on the back of Zunisha, a massive elephant which wanders eternally, aimlessly in the New World. He has the title of Ruler of Night and along with his close friend and rival, Inuarashi, the Ruler of Day, he rules Zou.  Nekomamushi rules during the day, and Nekomamushi rules during the night, hence their personal epithets.  

In the past he was a member of the Nine Red Scabbards, a group of nine Samurai who served as retainers for the legendary Kozuki Oden, along with Inuarashi; however, both of them left Wano for reasons not entirely known, and became Pirates. First they joined the Whitebeard Pirates, becoming more of Edward Newgate's many adopted sons, and later joined the Roger Pirates, joining Gol D. Roger and the rest of the crew on their journey all the way to Laugh Tale.  In the present day they both returned to Wano to help the rest of the Nine Red Scabbards in the rebellion against Kurozumi Orochi, Kaido, and the Beast Pirates. They're currently allies with the Straw Hat Pirates in these pursuits.  

He is voiced by Masaru Ikeda in the Japanese version of the anime; he has yet to be given a Funimation English dubbed version of the anime.  


Nekomamushi is an extremely tall, (522 cm or 17 ft to be exact), an very heavy set, but also oddly muscular, feline Mink, with massively th ick, yellow fur, which circles around his head much like a lion's mane, and massive white, sharp teeth, which are always visible.  He's always seen wearing a large robe embroidered with circles, a haramaki circling his waist, brown sandels, a white shirt and white pants, and is often seen smoking a Kiseru.  Due to being a retainer of the Kozuki Family, their family crest is somewhere on his body.  A defining feature is a missing arm, which tragically ocurred to him while he was being tortured by Jack.  However, he got a prothetic to replace it later on, at an unknown time, and through unknown means.  




Yonko Saga


  • "Neko Mamushi", although not written in kanji, means "Cat Viper", which the VIZ translation uses. The title of "Master" was added on later.
    • Brook's voice actor, Chō, made-up a song about "going off to meet the Cat Viper." It impressed Oda enough that he decided to integrate Cat Viper into the manga, as well as the song itself.
  • His design is similar to the Cheshire Cat from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
  • His love of lasagna is similar to the comic strip cat Garfield.
  • The song he hums while eating in the anime sounds similar to Ludwig van Beethoven's 5th Symphony in C minor.
  • Aside from lasagna, his favorite food is fish paste. Fittingly enough, fish paste is one of the main ingredients in oden, just as Nekomamushi was one of Kozuki Oden's main retainers.
  • Nekomamushi's height was initially given as 318 cm (10'5") in Vivre Card - One Piece Visual Dictionary before Oda stated his height as 522 cm in the SBS


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