Nell is the Commander-In-Chief of Orange Star and a major protagonist in the Advance Wars series of video games.

Nell acts as the player's instructor in field training and assists the player in Campaign by giving hints and strategical advice.


Advance Wars

Nell originally attended the Orange Star military academy with Max and Grit. After Orange Star's Commander-In-Chief Olaf left for Blue Moon along with Grit, Nell became the new Commander-In-Chief.

When Olaf and Blue Moon declared war on Orange Star and sent troops to invade, Nell dispatched the young Orange Star CO Andy to repel the invasion. She later sent in Max and Sami to assist the young CO.

After the Black Hole Army are revealed as the true instigators of the war between the four Cosmo Land nations, Nell has Orange Star end hostilities with Blue Moon and joins forces with them and the other Wars World nations to stop Black Hole.

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising

When Black Hole returned to conquer each of the Wars World nations, Nell and her fellow Orange Star COs fought to repel Black Hole's invasion of Orange Star.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Nell does not play a direct role in the storyline of this game, instead placing her younger sister Rachel in charge of the Allied Nations forces sent to stop Black Hole from draining life from Omega Land.

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