I know I've never met Robin…
~ Nell to Jesse after he/she rebuilt Reuben's statue.

Nell is a supporting protagonist in Minecraft Story Mode, appearing in Season 1 and Season 2. She helped win the Atlas in Season 1, and eventually went to Beacontown in Season 2.

She is voiced by Julianne Buescher.


Nell is a tomboy, having blonde hair with hair clips, blue eyes, a red necklace around her neck, bare hands, and a white anklet on her right foot. In Season 1, she wears a competitor outfit which is green on the right side, but left on the other side, with her left foot covered by the outfit while her right foot is bare. In Season 2, Nell still wears her competitor outfit, but changed it to a T-shirt, and wears bluish-green shorts. By this point, she is completely barefoot. Near the end of the season, she wears one of Lukas's jackets which signifies she is part of the New Ocelots, a rebellion made by Lukas against Romeo's tyranny; she wears this regardless of Jesse's choice to tell her to keep Romeo's statue or change it back.


While it may not seem that Nell is a hero at first and just one of the Competitors in the Old Builder Games, she does become a hero when she helps Jesse find some wheat so he/she can save his/her friends from starvation. Nell is also determined to survive horrible events, such as when the Old Builder Games were operated for enjoyment of torture, and when Romeo took over Beacontown disguised as Jesse.


Oh, the water little dude! We can ride the wave right up to the top. Follow me!
~ Nell to Jesse if the latter chose to save her instead of winning the Lava Race.


  • Nell helped Jesse get wheat.
  • She apologized to Jesse for eliminating his or her friends.


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