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~ Nelson's catchphrase

Nelson Mandela Muntz is an antagonist and at the same time an anti-hero from the TV series, The Simpsons.

Sometimes he seems arrogant, violent and oppressive, but he is also able to be a good guy other times. In fact, he is sometimes friendly with Bart, they ofter have fun together.

Although at time, he may seem rude, deep down, he is depressed because of his life as a poor.

He also appeared in The Simpsons Movie.

He is voiced by Nancy Cartwright.


  • He drinks beer.
  • In the episode "Blazed and Confused" Nelson is called 'Smelson', Nelson then states that he'd pray no one would ever tease his name by calling him Smelson.
  • In the 2007 theatrical movie is the quaternary antagonist turned anti-hero.
  • In the episode "The Simpsons Guy" he is the main antagonist and also the tertiary antagonist from Season 13 of TV series, Family Guy, where he was tortured by Stewie Griffin. But this appearance is considered non-canon.



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