Nelson Nash is an anti-hero in Batman Beyond. He was a student at Hamilton Hill High School and rival of Terry McGinnis.  


Nelson was both popular and disliked, being a star in the hockey team and a notorious bully. He briefly dated Chelsea and Blade, who both came to dislike his obnoxious nature. While fighting Terry at school, Terry tells him thay Nelson reminds him of a joker he met that morning, except the joker was prettier. Taking offense to this, Nelson spits in Terry's mouth, the latter of whom punches him in the face, causing Terry to be suspended again. When he arrived at the 54 Level Club, The Jokerz stormed into the street to cause more trouble. Coe started riding ontop of Nelson's car with his motorcycle. This angered Nelson, who tried to beat up Coe for messing up his car, but Dottie interviend by spankning Nelson with an oversized rubber chicken. He tells her to knock it off, but she would if Nelson would hold still. Nelson constantly bullied the less popular kids of the school such as Terry, especially ones who he knew wouldn't fight back, like Willie Watt. Willie grew to hate Nelson so much that he retaliated by hitting him where it hurt: his car. However, over the years, Nelson matured greatly and soon became friends with Terry and the others, although he occasionally teased them as a friendly joke. 

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