Nemesis the warlock

Nemesis is the titular alien magician, swordsman and cynical protagonist of the comic series Nemesis the Warlock, published on 2000 AD magazine during the 80's.


Nemesis the Warlock takes place in the distant future where Earth (called now Termight) and much of the known galaxy is ruled by authoritarian and expansionist Termight Empire, which follows the ideology of human supremacy and genetic purity to the extent of genocidal policy towards alien lifeforms and the children of humans and aliens . This empire is lead by Thomas Torquemada , whose power is backed by cult of personality and religious following revolving around him. Termight Empire keeps expanding in the galaxy, taking over one planet after another and massacring their alien inhabitants. Despite the might and humancentric ideology of the Empire, the life of average citizen ("Termite") in Earth tends to be controlled, repressed and likely to end violently.

Termight Empire is resisted by alliance of alien races of the galaxy as well as resistance movement of human dissidents opposing the rule of Torquemada. Both of these are more or less led by an alien known as Nemesis. Belonging to the race of powerful, demonic aliens known as Warlocks, Nemesis is both a powerful sorcerer and skilled swordsman , who in several occasions brings forth his cynical and spiteful views of the human race before warming up to his human allies. While Nemesis and his allies gain several important victories over Termight Empire, they constantly fail to bring down the entire Empire with Torquemada managing to get away with his life and Nemesis' plans to finish Torquemada failing or backfiring horribly.

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