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Nene Romanova is a member of the Knight Sabers in the anime series Bubblegum Crisis.

Original Series

Nene was originally a computer hacker until she stumbled upon a recruitment ad for the Knight Sabers one night.

Nene works for the AD Police Department. Her role among the Knight Sabers isn't quite as active as the others'. She's mainly tasked with hacking and scrambling computers, only fighting when the threat is too big for three to handle.

In the final episode Scoop Chase, Nene is tasked with accompanying the chief's niece Lisa while she's on her summer vacation. Lisa is an aspiring photographer who manages to catch Nene unmasked and in her hardsuit. Nene then has to keep Lisa distracted, only for a GENOM worker to declare a terrorist attack on the ADP building. Nene uses her new hardsuit to hack into the ADP computer system, overriding the invading boomers and making a safe escape route for Lisa. Lisa repays Nene by returning the photo of that Lisa took, keeping Nene's double-life secret.

2040 Version


The 2040 version of Nene is fairly similar, though much more confident.

Nene has a more active role among the Knight Sabers, due to the fact that Sylia has a less active role and Linna is a new recruit. Nene catches the eye of Sylia's brother Mackie, hinting at a slight romance. When Nene finds out that Mackie hasn't aged in 10 years, she grows suspicious. It is then revealed that Mackie is a boomer prototype, causing conflict between Sylia and the others.

When Galatea starts taking over all the boomers in Tokyo, Mackie is among them. Nene is able to help him regain his mind, but Mackie is left catatonic afterwards. Nene, Linna nad Priss then travel into space to stop Galatea. Nene and Linna are beaten and sent to Earth, where they wake up stranded on a desert island.