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Neneko Iizuna is the main protagonist of the Japanese Manga Spirits & Cat Ears and the audio drama of the same name. She is a human girl who was cursed by a Kuda at a very young age. The curse caused her to grow white cat ears and forced her to isolate herself from society for several years, until at the age of 14, (Very Close To Her Fifteenth Birthday) she decided to leave her home to become a priestess to exorcise the spirit that gave her cat ears.


Neneko Iizuna is a 14 (later 15) year old girl. She has light skin (Similar to her hair and ear color), straight, short white hair, and red eyes. After being cursed to become a catgirl by the Kuda, she grew white cat ears with a light pink color on the insides. She is small and slim, and has B-sized breasts. She is shown wearing a variety of outfits throughout the series, most of which were made for her by her familiar, Shichikage.


Neneko Iizuna is a "dandere", a sweet, shy, and quiet girl. Before her curse, she had friends and was a little more social, but after the curse, she became quiet, withdrawn, and antisocial. However, after deciding to become a priestess, she decided that she wanted to make new friends and to become a normal teenage girl. At the beginning of the series, she is shown to be rather cowardly and self-conscious, but she becomes more plucky as the series continues.

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