Neo-Quickforce is Bren's new Monsuno which was created by Jeredy Suno to closely match the original Quickforce in Monsuno: Combat Chaos.


Neo-Quickforce debuted in Bang, where its Core was handed to Chase Suno by his father to give to Bren shortly after his original Monsuno, Quickforce, died from a Wild Core Bomb. Bren initially refused the new Monsuno, so Beyal offered to hold onto the Core in the event that Bren would accept it. Later on, after Beyal and Dax were defeated in battle, Bren finally accepted the Core and spun Neo-Quickforce out. The impact of the release was so powerful, it knocked out all three of the Punk Monks' Monsuno. Neo-Quickforce then made quick work of Clipper, Bayonet, and Goldhorn before staring into the eyes of its new Controller.

Special Moves

  • Spiked Horn
  • Ring Cannon
  • Chest Cannon


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