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Neptunia is a fish superheroine who made her debut as an antagonist. She is part of the Justice Ducks, though she has twice expressed displeasure with the name as "I'm not a duck." She mostly joined because it coincided with her goal of protecting the ocean. She was once a normal fish, but a run-in with some toxic chemicals mutated her into what she is today. She was nearly fried to a crisp when being held hostage by Negaduck in the episode "Just Us Justice Ducks". She is often seen with an octopus companion named Hal. She shows not only the ability to speak English, but she can breathe out of water as long as her scales are moist, she swims at amazing speeds, and occasionaly performs feats that require superhuman strength. She appears to be very independent and strong-willed.

Of any character on the show, Neptunia suffered the most from the erratic syndicated scheduling and having her origin episode air on Saturday morning on ABC. Her only other episode apart from the "Justice Ducks" two-parter - "Something Fishy" - aired a week later, and anyone who only watched the syndicated episodes was left wondering exactly who this character was, where she came from, and why she never appeared again.


Neptunia is the self-appointed protector of the sea. She is very irritable and has a short temper. She has an octopus companion named Hal, and uses a shell as a horn to command the creatures of the ocean to do her bidding. Originally an enemy to Darkwing Duck, she had a change of heart after she was proven wrong about him polluting her home and joined up with the Justice Ducks, though she was reluctant to help out at first.

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