The Nerazim are one of the two main factions of Protoss and a heroic factions in the real time strategy game StarCraft.

They are the Protoss who rejected the Khala in order to retain their individuality and were banished from Aiur by the Khalai Conclave. They originally shared an enmity with the Khalai, the Protoss who had chosen to embrace the Khala, but later made peace with them thanks to Tassadar and unified with them to form the Daelaam.


In the aftermath of the Aeon of Strife, in which various Protoss tribes went to war with one another over the Xel'Naga's departure from their planet, the Protoss came together under a belief system known as the Khala, in which they would use their psionic powers to join together in an empathic network that would grant them understanding of one another's emotions. Under this new belief system, the Protoss made peace and joined together with one another, eventually forming a Protoss Empire which sprawled across many worlds.

However, some Protoss chose not to embrace the Khala, fearing the loss of their individuality, and became known as the Nerazim or "Dark Templars". The Khalai Protoss deemed these Protoss as heretics and drove them from the planet, leading the Nerazim to go and settle Shakuras.

The Nerazim later became aware of the threat posed by the invasive species known as the Zerg and began taking steps to defend againt them. During the conflict, a group of Nerazim led by Zeratul allied with a force from the Protoss Empire led by Tassadar to fight against them, marking the beginning of the reunification of the two separate groups of Protoss.


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