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Nergal Jr. is the son of Nergal and Aunt Sis, debuting in the episode "Son of Nergal". He is technically Billy's cousin. Junior's true form is a horrific monstrosity that is never seen, but he possesses the ability of shape-shifting into the form of any human he has encountered, usually killing/incapacitating them before he takes their form. His first victim was a nameless boy who he killed and replaced in Son of Nergal and has permanently used the appearance of as his default form ever since.


Nergal Jr. can shapeshift, walk through walls, spawn bat-like imps from his body and freeze people in supernatural stasis.


Nergal Jr. generally comes off as a fairly sweet, awkward kid when not violently attacking others. Likewise, he is one of the kinder characters on the show, but also a severe Yandere for friendship.