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Nerine is a minor supporting character in the Amazon Lily Arc from the anime and manga series One Piece. She is a member of the Kuja.

She was voiced by Aiko Hibi in Japanese and Michelle Rojas in English.


Nerine is a young woman with black eyes, a short brown hair, and yellow pin behind over her right side each side. She wears a purple tank top with black spots, a purple short skirt with black spots and two light blue on her back in the each two sides, and dark brown boots. She also wears a white cape coat dragged over the shoulders.

In the opening of Share the World, Nerine has a blonde hair, a pink pink behind over her right side each side, and brown eyes. She wears a light brown tank top with black spots, a light brown short skirt with black spots and dark green bottom, and still dark brown boots, and white cape coat dragged over the shoulders. While she has a different clothes colors.

When she offered to writing on the pen and notebook which she taking with memos.


Nerine is a selfless, and control freaks when she having as a habit at noting doing anything will be interesting from might.

Nerine and the other Kujas, has not ideas in what knowledge for the men is. Meanwhile, Nerine does like them, is not embarrassed while Luffy sees his without clothes to believed everyone to his attributes is common among every men, introduced one of the giving his Devil Fruit powers.

She seen that in enterprising on her sides while she often for the other Kuja islanders to chance with Luffy from twenty Gor from the touching his rubbery skin without the permission.

Powers and Abilities

Nerine's Haki has a stronger Kuja warrior to capable in channeled from Haki allows her arrowing and them to explode.


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