In the animated television series The World of Quest, Nestor is the Prince of Odyssea, son of the King and Queen of Odyssea, who have been captured. Even though he orders Quest around and calls him his "bodyguard", Quest usually ends up interpreting his orders to suit his needs.


In the series, Nestor experiences the inner conflict of transitioning from a teenager to a young adult. Given this is a comedic cartoon, one of major story arcs that reflect this theme is Nestor's underwear. In one episode, Nestor is exposed to his friends that he wear briefs. His friends tease him about it lightheartedly for a few moments, but it impacted Nestor on a deeper level. Throughout the rest of the episode, Nestor contemplates about switching to boxer shorts. He has always worn briefs but never switched to boxer shorts. He always saw boxer shorts as something he would one day transition into when he achieved a certain level of maturity.

In a later episode, Nestor's birthday became the central plot. During the planning of his surprise party, his friends had trouble thinking of a nice gift to show their appreciation of Nestor's hospitality. One of his friends remembered the incident when Nestor felt ashamed that he wore briefs and how Nestor viewed boxer shorts as a symbol of maturity. They all decided that buying Nestor his first pair of boxer shorts would be the perfect present. Therefore, they all contributed to buy Nestor a pair of white boxer shorts with green dots. At the surprise party, Nestor was ecstatic to see the boxer shorts as his gift. He felt that he had finally earned the respect of his friends on that day. Nestor went behind a tree, took off his clothes, and wore the boxer shorts. As part of Nestor's charismatic nature, he showed all his friends how happy and excited their thoughtful gift made him.


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