the game DC Universe Online, the player is able to play either with New Villains and New Heroes.

The New Hero from DC Universe Online stars being released from one of Brainiac's ships, and with Calculator's guidance, destroying many of Brainiac's troops, weapons and the Ship's Guardian. After that, he is sided by Lex Luthor in destroying the remaining troops before being sent to Earth.

In DC Universe Online, the New Hero can be recruited to be in service of one of three DC Comics' greatest heroes:Superman, Wonder Woman or The Batman, who will act as mentors for the character, deligating him/her missions and tasks.

As the game continues, the New Hero is sent to various missions by its mentor or some other heroes in order to fight various heroes (and some villains on Brainiac's side), spread order and justice in the cities of Metropolis and Gotham. Depending on the Heroe's mentor, the final boss of the headline can be Lex Luthor, Circe or Joker.

Powers and abilities

In the character creation, the player is able to choose only one element to the New Hero use as a power:

  • Earth: this power enables the New Hero to shape earthen constructs and control earth-shaking forces.

  • Eletricity: enables the New Hero to electrify enemies and resuscitate allies, he can also control electrostatic forces.

  • Light: if the player choose this power to his New Hero, he will wield a ring with the Yellow Power of Fear (while the New Hero would have a ring with the Green Power of Hope), which basically controls solid light which can have any shape.

  • Fire: the wielders of this power can control deadly flames who can deals great damage to enemies.

  • Ice: the New Villain will be able to freeze enemies and control storms to damage or incapacitate them.

  • Mental: with this power, the New Hero will be able to create illusions or use telekinesis against his enemies.

  • Nature: enables the New Hero to control plants or change his/her shape into animals.

  • Sorcery: the wielders of this power can use magic to summon mystic traps and mystic pets to assist him.

  • Gadgets: weapons made with technology to trap enemies or to trick them.

  • Quantum: the wielders of this power control time and space to damage enemies or control their movements.

  • Celestial: this power enables the New Hero to use Holy and Unholy magic, blessing allies or cursing enemies.

  • Rage: the users of rage can attack with blood plasma or use constructs that resemble the ones of the power of light.

  • Munitions: allows the New Hero to become a master of ballistics, using explosives and guns.

  • Iconic Powers: these powers can belong to any character independant on the other power he/she has. They are associated with unique DC Comics characters.

Also, the New Hero can have many fighting styles: Bow, Brawling, Dual Pistols, Dual Wield, Hand Blasters, Martial Arts, One-Handed, Rifle, Staff, Two-Handed and Shield.

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